PrepperMed: Four Questions About Vitamins

Should vitamin supplements be a part of food preps?  If so, of what kind, and how much?  These are the questions I’ve been considering; and I thought it might be of value to you to share some of the research… Continue Reading


PrepperMed: Antibiotics and Vitamins – When They Make a Good Team

Antibiotics have saved more lives than anything medical advance except good hygiene. They’ve also killed people or been totally worthless when used incorrectly.  If you’re planning to do your own dosing if other medical care becomes available, you’d best know how.… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics and Vitamins: Both Good, but Not Always Together

A couple of days ago, we listened to Todd Sepulveda’s Prepper Website Podcast Episode 190 (CLICKY) which featured Spice’s article Situations Change. Sometimes The SHTF. Life Changes. Medication Changes. But How? A Prepping Example. (CLICKY) We always enjoy listening to the podcast,… Continue Reading