Below Sea Level, Flood Plains & Other Dumb Places To Live

I remember watching the TV coverage of New Orleans being flooded during Hurricane Katrina. There was helicopter footage of Lake Pontchartrain overflowing the floodwalls in the Ninth Ward, and I remember the reporter talking about how much of New Orleans… Continue Reading


Can You See it Now? Visualization as a prepping tool

It was a dark and stormy night.  The power went off just as the tornado siren started to wail.  Salty and I got up and dressed down to the sturdy shoes. He handed me one of the two charged solar… Continue Reading


Volunteering for community disaster management duty: A different kind of prep

I’ve become an executive staff member of our county-wide emergency response team headquarters as a prep. As a member of the executive staff (volunteer position) I am a part of all conversations with our local emergency management governing body, and… Continue Reading