A Day of Infamy, Years of Captivity: It CAN Happen Here, Concentration Camps In The USA

Concentration camp. I don’t know if there are an uglier couple of words in the English language when used together. Let me jump right to the chase here and tell you why I’m writing this… I want everybody who reads… Continue Reading


We can do better than Columbus Day – Why not honor something worth of being honored?

I gotta be honest, Columbus Day is stupid. Columbus never set foot on a single spit of land that is a US state. He wasn’t the first European on US soil any way you count it, and in fact in… Continue Reading


What Preppers Need To Learn From The Wounded Knee Massacre

Wounded Knee. Most people have heard of it, but were I a betting man I would wager that few people in the prepper community have even given the thought of Wounded Knee or the “settlement of the west” the slightest… Continue Reading


Tulips and AR-15s: What the Dutch Flower Market of 1637 has to do with modern prepping

Semper Augustus Tulips

(Note:  Salty and I also intend to do a podcast on this topic sometime soon.) It’s winter in what is now Holland, late in 1636.  A Dutch man of considerable means has just signed a contract agreeing to take possession… Continue Reading


Soapbox: Living life in our Circle of Influence

We (Salty, Spice, Mammy and The Man Of The House) think that most preppers (and most people in general for that matter) waste most of their time and mental energy paying attention to the wrong things… politics, the latest news… Continue Reading


Soapbox: All hat, no cattle preppers / survivalists, a micro-rant

Is it just me, or do many online “survivalist/preppers” come off to you as “all hat, no cattle” types? I’ve been reading posts on blogs & on forums, and I gotta admit some of them are just really making me… Continue Reading