Home Defense Gun: Thinking Outside The Box With A .410 Pump

When it comes to home defense weaponry, I started thinking outside the box recently and have added a new addition to our “if you break in, you are going to really, really regret it” preps… a .410 pump shotgun. Wait,… Continue Reading


Guns & Ammo: If You Don’t Stock Up Now, You WILL Regret It

I was walking around in a big-box retailer last weekend in the sporting goods section, and I saw something I hadn’t seen in a long time… the .22LR shelves stocked to overflowing, and the prices back down to “normal”. I… Continue Reading


Review: Mossberg Maverick 88 Security 12 Gauge Pump Shotty

Welcome to my take on “The Best Prepper Buy I Know Of.” I often review guns that I think are great, but my gun choices leave some scratching their heads. “OK,” they say, “but I’ve never seen one of these… Continue Reading