Keeping It Fresh: Maintaining The Quality Of Your Preps By Rotation

Imaging you are in a SHTF situation. You are thinking “well, as bad as things are, we will get by because we have our pantry stacked deep…” You pick up a can to open to make a meal, and notice… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: How To Aim Your Weapon – What Is A Sight Picture?

To accurately shoot a firearm, for starters, you have to know how to properly aim it. This probably sounds pretty self-evident, but as I’ve worked with people teaching them how to shoot, I have to constantly remind myself that unless… Continue Reading


Four Things Explaining Why We Are In Favor Of Gun Control

Glock 17 Girl

At 3BY, we think that every person should be in total control of every gun they own. Here are the four “basic tenants of gun control” that are universally accepted. We didn’t write these, but we endorse them wholeheartedly. 1.… Continue Reading


Know Your Place

Nah, this post is So not about telling you to behave; it seems to me when people say “Know your place” in that sense they’re always certain your place is below them, and I’m more of an equality kind of… Continue Reading


Podcast: We Come To Suck Your BLOOD!!! (The audio version)

Some useful links for you:  CDC’s Tick Borne Diseases Health Provider Manual (PDF) How To Choose An Insect Repellent Poster (PDF) What Every School Nurse (Or Parents) Need To Know About Tick Born Diseases


Calling the Dive – Work As A Team First, Questions Can Wait Until Later

There’s a rule among cave divers:  Any diver can call the dive, at any time, for any reason.   If one buddy gives the thumb up during or even before a dive (in that context it means ‘go up’ rather… Continue Reading


The Ebola Scare: Take Home Lessons For The Paranoid Prepper

The Ebola Scare: Spice did a nice post on Pandemics.  I’ve never been in a Pandemic, so I suspect Murphy has one planned for my future.  However, we did have an Ebola scare a couple years back, from which I… Continue Reading


Risky Business: Risk Management For Survival

Humans are naturally terrible at risk assessment.  The situations in which our native intuitions developed are not the situations in which we now live; so our intuition no longer serves us very well.  We have two very strong and not… Continue Reading


Where Am I Going To Put All This Stuff?

After the WTC experience, I realized there was no way I could predict the type of disaster.  I never in my wildest imagination (wild at times) could have dreamed that one up.  Suicidal maniacs hijacking airplanes and flying them into… Continue Reading


Food on the Fin Part 1: Building a pond as a fresh food & water larder

We need food and water to survive. This post talks about how we addressed both issues at The Place. We spent years looking for acreages that 1) were big enough to build a survival retreat on that could support us;… Continue Reading


Review: Augason Farms Regular Rolled Oats 20lb Long Term Storage Pail

I’ve got to admit, I love me some oatmeal in the morning.   How do I love thee, gruel?   Let me count the ways:   It’s a quick and easy. It’s very easily cooked over a fire – I… Continue Reading