PrepperGuns 101: Dealing With Recoil, A Sometimes Brutal Necessity.

Last summer, I remember that I wasn’t looking forward to my trip to the range, because I knew what I had to do it… Perfect day, high around 70, sun shining, white puffy clouds in the sky, low humidity… couldn’t… Continue Reading


Four Reasons Why Bolt & Lever Action .22’s Are A Better Survival Choice

Ask any group of preppers what the number 1 prepper survival long gun on the planet is, and doubtless some version or other of the ubiquitous Ruger 10/22 semi-auto rifle will be at or near the top of the list. … Continue Reading


My Take On 5 Guns To Own When Ammo Is Scarce

Let’s say that for whatever reason, the ammo supply has dried up. We’ve seen it happen several times in recent years for various reasons and it’s likely to happen again one of these days. What are the five guns I… Continue Reading


Review: Ruger LCR Revolvers As A BOB/GHB Option (And CCW)

Today’s review is of the Ruger LCR .357 magnum & LCR series as both a CCW and also as a BOB/GHB gun. The Ruger LCR series are plastic (polymer) framed snubby revolvers, available in several sizes. I will specifically be… Continue Reading


URGENT! Buy Your Guns & Ammo Before The Grabbers Shut You Down!

A lot of people out there have relaxed following the recent election, a fact that is demonstrated by the huge downturn in sales of firearms and ammunition. Prices are dropping, we are seeking lower-end AR’s dropping below the $400 level… Continue Reading


Review: Ruger SR-22 Semi-Auto .22LR Pistol A Get-Home Bag Option?

Today’s review is of the Ruger SR-22. Ruger’s advertising bills this gun as the “Do-It-All .22 Pistol, for the shooter who appreciates style and demands reliability!” Does it live up to that hype? Well…. It depends. The gun certainly has… Continue Reading