PrepperNomics 107:  Budgeting for Preppers

PrepperNomics 107:  Budgeting for Preppers In an earlier post on Supply Categories, I outlined the categories I use for planning and inventorying supplies. We can use those categories for preparing a Prepper Budget. Variable Costs Consumables have a Variable Cost… Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107: Examining Economic Collapse

One of the themes that constantly comes up on prepper forums is the likelihood of “Economic Collapse”.  This seems to be viewed as almost inevitable by many preppers, due to the handling of the US economy by the government, or… Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107:  What Preppers Need To Know About Inflation

I wrote in an earlier post  about price movements for individual goods.  “Inflation” is the term we use for price increases in goods and services across the board. The typical layman’s understanding of inflation is simply more money, chasing the… Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107: Why do prices fluctuate so wildly?

This is the first part in a prepper’s economics series here on 3BY by Paranoid Prepper. Living near New York City, some of you might suspect that I work in the local industry, finance.  I do, but I am not… Continue Reading