PrepperMed 101: Honey is One Sweet Prep

Honey was one of the valuables buried with Egyptian royalty.  Archeologists have found flasks of it in tombs, thousands of years old.  It’s still edible.  Now *that* is a long-term prep!  (Honey will crystalize if it sits around, but that… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Treating Injuries On the Move, Part II – The SAM splint

I turned at the agonized cry to find my teammate rolling on the ground, grabbing her ankle.  Well, if she was going to tear up her ankle, she definitely picked the right company.  The nurse’s aid stripped off the victim’s… Continue Reading


Soap: The Overlooked Prepping Essential That Will Save Your Life

Ask any prepper what the five most important tools in the Prepper toolbox, and we are willing to bet that not one of them would answer “soap”.  Unless, of course, you ask us.  The single biggest jump in human health… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Can A Prepper Stock Up On Birth Control?

Since the development of effective birth control other than abstinence (which always works), times of upheaval that disrupt supply delivery and medical care have caused spikes in birth rates.  (I’ve heard extended power outages do the same thing; but that… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: What To Do With a Fever?

Fevers are the most common reason for emergency room visits by children.  The majority of parents know that fevers in children can cause seizures, and those are all kinds of scary.  Learning what to do if you can’t get to… Continue Reading