Dark: Eight Observations & One Big Question Following Recent Power Outage

Instant black. Instant quiet. One second I was writing a description for an upcoming 3BY Podcast, the next second I was sitting in my recliner, keyboard in hand, staring out into absolute blackness.  I grabbed my phone and clicked the… Continue Reading


Review: Anker Compact Car Jump Starter and Portable Power Pack

I mentioned this item before, as part of a ‘prepared car’.  Since I’ve had reason to use it lately, perhaps you might like to hear how it actually works. The idea is beautiful.  This power pack will jump start a… Continue Reading


The Heat is On…but the power isn’t

This topic somehow rose naturally to the top of my mind as I worked and stayed at the (powerless)  cabin at The Place on these 95 F days.  No problem, for reasons you’ll see below, but it brings up a… Continue Reading