UnPanic Button article featured on Prepper Website Podcast

Our article “The UnPanic Button: Two Strategies for Interrupting an Anxiety Attack Without Drugs” by Spice has been featured on The Prepper Website Podcast Episode 123 is a companion to The Prepper Website, the best prepping link  Ep.123 feat. @RedoubtPatriot… Continue Reading


Podcast: Five Health Things To Consider Before The SHTF

Spice and Salty spill the beans on “health things to consider BEFORE the SHTF” in this week’s Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You podcast.  Recorded on a road trip to the People’s Republic of Illinois, the duo discuss a veritable plethora… Continue Reading


Podcast: EOTech EXPS3 Holographic Sight Impresses

  Here’s the manufacturer’s blurb about the optic: “The “E” is for “Extreme.” The EXPS3 offers true 2-eyes-open shooting and a 7 mm raised base that still allows for iron sight access. It features easy-to-adjust side buttons and an adjustable,… Continue Reading


Podcast: Rainwater collection & water storage at both home and The Place

In this edition of the 3BY podcast, Salty and Spice take a look at their current water collection and storage situation at both the homestead and at The Place. Spice details her water collection system and drip irrigation systems at… Continue Reading


Podcast: We open up our get-home bag

I’ve got to admit it, in the prepping community there seems to be a bizzare fascination with the collecting, construction and contents of get home bags, three day bags and bugout bags. I’ve seen people come to verbal blows on… Continue Reading


Podcast: Bicycles, the often overlooked prep

https://www.buzzsprout.com/85428/510033-episode-16-bicycles-as-a-prep Often overlooked, bicycles are a great resource for preppers and people who may need to “take it on the lamb” in a bugout situation. Personally, I carry a bicycle in my car everywhere I go if I can… I… Continue Reading


Podcast: How Not To Die In The Coming Great Pandemic

Spice & Salty tear into pandemics, using the 1918 “Spanish” Flu epidemic as an example. Spice, an expert in pathophysiology, spills the beans about the spread & science behind killer pandemics, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.… Continue Reading


Podcast: Girls With Guns, Part 1

Girl with S&W Model 10 Bull Barrel

What’s not to like about Girls With Guns? Well… let’s hold on a minute and take a look at women like Alana (pictured above, who not not only poses with guns but who is a gun owner and avid shooter)… Continue Reading


Podcast: Glocks, Glocks and more Glocks…

Salty and Spice get down to business talking about the guns that the two open carry while at The Place. Glocks are also used by the pair as two of their prime home defense weapons, and one of the smaller… Continue Reading


Podcast: We review the Israeli IWI Tavor X95 bullpup carbine

Salty & Spice take a look at the Tavor X95 and discuss why she has made this her CCW carbine of choice. The Tavor X95 is an updated and enhanced version of the verneable IDF street fighting carbine. The X95… Continue Reading