PrepperMed 101: Three Things to Know About This “Bad Flu Vaccine Year”

There’s a lot of talk going around about the “bad” flu vaccine this year.  (For example, in this story from the Quincy Herald-Whig) . What’s that actually mean, and how does it affect your prepping? What ‘a bad flu vaccine year’… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: How to Not Be a Casualty in the Next Great Flu Epidemic

 As we were tending the flowers at the memorial of the WWI soldier, I read his mother’s heart-breaking inscription.  Died in Nov, 1917, of pneumonia, in Ft. Riley, KS.  43 days a soldier.  I realized I was tending the memorial… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Should Preppers In Particular Get A Flu Shot?

  There are two different sorts of flu outbreak to think about:  Seasonal flu and pandemic flu.  Seasonal flu strains circulate yearly, and it’s these that the flu vaccines regularly offered help protect against.  Are those flu vaccines worth getting? … Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: What Would I Do, If It Were the Flu?

Why are people so concerned when it’s just a flu virus? And not even a flu virus that currently exists, at that?  Of all the “Stuff hits the fan, it reaches even down here to rural Missouri, and help is… Continue Reading


Podcast: How Not To Die In The Coming Great Pandemic

Spice & Salty tear into pandemics, using the 1918 “Spanish” Flu epidemic as an example. Spice, an expert in pathophysiology, spills the beans about the spread & science behind killer pandemics, and how to protect yourself and your loved ones.… Continue Reading