Soap: The Overlooked Prepping Essential That Will Save Your Life

Ask any prepper what the five most important tools in the Prepper toolbox, and we are willing to bet that not one of them would answer “soap”.  Unless, of course, you ask us.  The single biggest jump in human health… Continue Reading


Latrine: The Biggest Lifesaver in the History of Medicine Gets Treated Like Poop

Medieval Europeans didn’t lose more than 30% of their children before the age of five because they didn’t have antibiotics.  They certainly didn’t lose that many because they lacked fancy imaging techniques.  They lost most of them, as underdeveloped areas… Continue Reading


Safety First – The Importance Of Avoiding Injuries If The SHTF

Safety. When times are normal or if the Stuff Hits The Fan, it’s critical to put safety first. We always start any safety discussion by pointing out what we consider the obvious. The most likely non-natural thing that will kill… Continue Reading