Paranoid Prepper: Bears

Bears! People keep telling me that it is futile to prep in the Peoples Republic of New Jersey, but I keep on doing it anyhow.  You might wonder why since New Jersey is a socialist mecca.  The answer is pretty… Continue Reading


Humor: The Difference Between Country Folks & City People

NOTE: Please do not take anything in this post too seriously, it is said tongue-firmly-in-cheek. I am a country boy. My wife is a country girl. Chances are real good that if you live in a town, my town is… Continue Reading


When A Gun Grabber Asked Me How Many Assault Rifles I Owned… (PG-13 Rated)

Him: How many assault rifles do you own? Me: I don’t own any assault rifles, machine guns require a special license to own and I don’t have it. Him: OK, how many “modern sporting rifles” do you own? Me: How… Continue Reading