Prep A Steady Food Source: Four Considerations About Food Producing Trees

Spice plants a pear tree

It’s getting to be that time of year:  Seed catalogs in the mail every day.  It’s too early to plant yet, but it is time to be deciding about trees. Trees are best planted quite early in the spring, before… Continue Reading


Seeds: The Most Bang for the Prepping Buck

I despise shopping.  Except for garden seeds.  Seeds are not just Stuff; they’re a world of Possibility.  For mere pocket change, often less than a dollar, you can pick up a packet of seeds that can feed you and yours… Continue Reading


Prep For Tomorrow By Buying Quality Items You Will Use Today

Rack Of Cans

It’s hard to know how much of one’s time and treasure to spend preparing for unpredictable events.  Too little, and you’re left hanging in the wind when life throws a curve (as it inevitably will, eventually).  Too much and you… Continue Reading


Now is the Time for a Prep on the Cheap

 If you could buy an insurance policy for $1 that had the potential to add significant food – pounds and pounds of it – to your family’s larder should something dramatically bad happen in the next six months … would… Continue Reading


The Most Food Per Foot? Part 2: The Taters are In

It was a great plan: This post is something of a morality tale of gardening.  Back in the spring, I wrote a post on one of this year’s garden experiments:  The Tower of Potatoes.  The plan is you build a… Continue Reading


Giving away food is a prep? You bet it is!

Wait a minute, Salty, you want me to believe that the act of giving away food that I grow in my garden is actually a prep? Seriously? Why yes, my doubting reader, I sure am. Let me explain.  When we… Continue Reading


Podcast: Rainwater collection & water storage at both home and The Place

In this edition of the 3BY podcast, Salty and Spice take a look at their current water collection and storage situation at both the homestead and at The Place. Spice details her water collection system and drip irrigation systems at… Continue Reading


Battling the Hydra: The Autumn Olive menace to a BOL, and how to combat it

BOL is shorthand for a bug-out location, and the expression is usually used for a spot out in the country where a family can get away from it all.  Some BOL keepers spend considerable thought on things like lines of… Continue Reading


And the winner for Most Food per Foot is?

The potato bin! Or so I’ve read, and by the end of the year I’ll see if it’s true.  Building and planting a potato bin is one of my garden experiments this year.  (Every year I try a few new… Continue Reading


Garden pests? Just share your beer …

Slugs.   Ugs.   Giant slugs that not only gnaw on your strawberries, tomatoes, and other formerly-fine produce, but leave sliiimmmeeeee all over what’s left…triple ug.  And don’t even get me *started* about what happens if you walk out into… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials Part III: The Tame and the Wild

Pre-death raspberry

When Salty mentioned developing a new category of posts about “If We Had it to Do Over Again”, it wasn’t hard to come up with candidates.  I’ve done some of my best remembered learning ‘the hard way’ after all.  My… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials, Part II: In for the Long Haul

It’s December.  You’d love to have your spouse’s favorite – cobbler – for dessert; or give the kids something sweet and healthy to carry with them for a snack. Some raspberry tea would go down pretty good, too. The grocery… Continue Reading


Installing Drip Irrigation: A Fairy Tale

Drip Irrigation System

You how it goes sometimes:  You research a do-it-yourself topic on the internet, it seems doable, so you ask some friends for advice, then buy a bunch of stuff and try and put it together …. Only to find all… Continue Reading


Podcast: To be best prepared THEN, you need to garden NOW

Do you have one of those Garden in a Box kits, where they sell you a bunch of heirloom seeds packaged to stay viable in a freezer for a decade or more, so you can grow your own food come… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials: Variety is the Spice of Life

Deciding to plant perennial food plants is easy.  It offers get of sun-ripened goodness.  You can get shade, attract pollinators, deter trespassers, maybe help out some people in your community who can’t afford enough fresh fruit for their kids.  On… Continue Reading