Below Sea Level, Flood Plains & Other Dumb Places To Live

I remember watching the TV coverage of New Orleans being flooded during Hurricane Katrina. There was helicopter footage of Lake Pontchartrain overflowing the floodwalls in the Ninth Ward, and I remember the reporter talking about how much of New Orleans… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper in NJ: Hurricane Sandy caused havoc all around, but for us? Not so much.

I’ve been through more than my share of hurricanes over the years.  People don’t think of New Jersey when they think of hurricanes.  They think of Florida.  However, every few years we get one hurricane that tracks right up the… Continue Reading


Volunteering for community disaster management duty: A different kind of prep

I’ve become an executive staff member of our county-wide emergency response team headquarters as a prep. As a member of the executive staff (volunteer position) I am a part of all conversations with our local emergency management governing body, and… Continue Reading