PrepperGuns 101: Don’t Weigh Your Gun Down With Tacticool Toys

I was at the range last fall, and a casual friend of mine was there shooting his AR. The thing was absolutely loaded with “accessories”, it had a combo flashlight/laser, an EOTech holographic sight with magnifier, a Magpul front hand… Continue Reading


Arming A Squad Of Untrained Family Members: Part 1

  Arming a Squad: Part 1 Discussion of guns on prepper forums is a real hoot.  It assumes that the folks involved in a Mutual Assistance Group (MAG), or Squad, are all ex-military and the debate revolves around modern battle… Continue Reading


Are Guns & Ammo Reasonable Items To Stock For Barter In A Collapse?

There are very few topics that can spur a debate like “are guns and/or ammo good items to stock for barter in a social/economic collapse”? Generally, there are two sides of the argument. You would be crazy to trade somebody… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Six Reasons why revolvers are a great choice for preppers

Many preppers frown upon the thought of using a revolver as their primary defense handgun, and there are good reasons to choose something other than a wheelgun. There is one overriding factor that guarantees revolvers will always have a place… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Dealing With Recoil, A Sometimes Brutal Necessity.

Last summer, I remember that I wasn’t looking forward to my trip to the range, because I knew what I had to do it… Perfect day, high around 70, sun shining, white puffy clouds in the sky, low humidity… couldn’t… Continue Reading


Pepper Spray: The Other Concealed Carry

I just took my Ruger LC9S, safely tucked into it’s pocket holster, out of my jacket pocket and placed it in it’s daytime home, my office desk drawer. I work in an office that is entirely pro-carry… to the point… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Seven Tips On How To Keep Your Guns Rust Free

Rust is he enemy of all-things firearm. Protecting your valuable firearms from the insdeous clutches of rust is a thankless but necessary part of prepping.  Rust is also something that can attack your guns without you even noticing it until… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper: How To Set Your Prepping Ammo Budget & Inventory

Some time back Salty wrote a post about the minimum amount of ammunition to have on hand.  This has also been a perennial favorite topic on various prepper forums.  There are also YouTube videos on the subject.  The figures tossed… Continue Reading


8 Things Preppers Often Focus on Too Much

As preppers, one of the hardest things that we can do is find balance in our preps. For various reasons we tend to overdo or neglect. In today’s article & it’s accompanying podcast, we take a look at eight different… Continue Reading


Budget Prepping: 6 Ideas to Help You Get Started

For most of my adult life I have lived on an extremely tight budget. A huge amount of things in the prepping community are prohibitively expensive. I wanted to give you some guidance and encouragement to those who would like… Continue Reading


Prepper 101: An Introduction

Here at 3BY, we have discovered there is a need for an easy, linear and focused strategy for people new to prepping. We are calling it Prepper 101. This series is intended for someone new to the concept of prepping.… Continue Reading


Six Things Preppers Often Don’t Do Enough

There are things we, as preppers, need to do more of, or do a better job of. You know it, we know it, but that doesn’t mean it gets done.  Spice and I talked about it in our weekly podcast,… Continue Reading


Gun Review: Chiappa Little Badger Survival Rifle

I am posting short gun reviews for “survival guns” that I own and use, from my own personal perspective. The views expressed are my own, and I will pull no punches… these are guns I own and shoot, and I… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Guns for Smaller People

The man charged straight at me. He was huge, nearly three hundred pounds and over six and a half feet of nothing but muscle and violent intent, and he was unbelievably fast. I backpedaled rapidly but coolly as I shot… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Safety First, Safety Always

Before we go too far into this PrepperGuns 101 series, I want talk about something critically important to everybody, firearms safety. First, let’s just start with the four laws of firearms safety. RULE I: All guns are always loaded RULE… Continue Reading