Escape From New York: Execution

The first thing you need to do when disaster strikes in an urban setting is recognize that something is wrong, and get out of the building. If you are wrong and nothing is happening, you can always go back inside,… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper’s Escape From New York: Preparation To Flee

As I mentioned all the way back in my first post, I have had occasions to “Escape from New York”.  On a normal day, New York City is a nuisance to enter, and a nuisance to leave, not quite as… Continue Reading


Bug Out Bags: BOBs for the Bobless

The first step for most preppers is to assemble a personal Bug Out Bag (BOB), so I don’t need to convince my loyal readers, both of them, of the importance of a BOB. With 20 people to plan for, some… Continue Reading


Four Bug-Out No-No’s… Little Things Can Kill You

Many things can get you killed in a SHTF bug-out situation, let’s take a look at four of them here. Never assume that you won’t be noticed or that it’s “OK” to camp on somebody’s land if you are bugging-out.… Continue Reading


Podcast: Choosing A Bug-Out Location, Things To Consider

In this week’s episode of the 3BY podcast, we talk about things to consider if/when it’s time to look into finding a Bug-Out Location (BOL) otherwise known as a survival retreat, something similar to The Place. We talk not only… Continue Reading


Below Sea Level, Flood Plains & Other Dumb Places To Live

I remember watching the TV coverage of New Orleans being flooded during Hurricane Katrina. There was helicopter footage of Lake Pontchartrain overflowing the floodwalls in the Ninth Ward, and I remember the reporter talking about how much of New Orleans… Continue Reading


The Paranoid Prepper Bug Out Vehicle (BOV): Part 2

  My dream BOV  😊 The BOV Saga: Part 2 I’ve actually been through one car restoration previously.  That was before I was a prepper.  The car was an antique Porsche.  If you go back far enough in Porsche history,… Continue Reading


Risky Business: Risk Management For Survival

Humans are naturally terrible at risk assessment.  The situations in which our native intuitions developed are not the situations in which we now live; so our intuition no longer serves us very well.  We have two very strong and not… Continue Reading


Planning to Bug Out? Look to the darkness…

Light Pllution Photo For Prppers via NASA

One thing we have come to expect in the modern First World is light. Light by day, light by night.  Where we gather together, we bring light. The more people, the lighter it is 24/7/365. While many people consider this… Continue Reading


The Place: Building a prepper retreat / recreational area, introduction.

In 2014, Spice and I purchased an acerage (30 acres m/l) in an extremely rural part of North Missouri, with the idea to develop it as both a prepper’s retreat should we need it, as well as a recreational area… Continue Reading