PrepperMed 101: Breathing If The SHTF – Prepping To Not Have Asthma

One of the readers of one of my previous posts on asthma asked if there was a way to keep kids from getting asthma in the first place – really much nicer than having to manage it. Is there a… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Breathe Deeper… Prepping for Asthma, Part II – Three Management Ideas

Part I of this series had some ideas on having less asthma.  But what if you do have it, and it’s hanging on like a bad house guest, and normal medical care isn’t available?  There are some suggestions here that… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Breathe, Child… Prepping for Asthma, Part I – Avoidance

Ok, I know asthma affects many adults as well as children.  It is common in childhood though (about 13% of children in the U.S.), and what tugs at a parents’ heart more than a child struggling to breathe?  When the… Continue Reading