Hidden Danger: Spiders Can Hurt Preppers, Maim Or Even Worse

All he did was take a hike in the woods of a state park.  At the time, we didn’t notice anything amiss.  A thing like that shouldn’t take the wonders of modern medicine to keep from killing a guy, should… Continue Reading


My Shoes Shrank! Four Approaches for Dealing with Leg Swelling

I’ve been working on a series to give people ideas for managing chronic conditions when they can’t get medical care (search the Bandages tag here on the BBBY site if that interests you).  This is just a slight change of… Continue Reading


Breathing If The SHTF: Prepping To Not Have Asthma

One of the readers of one of my previous posts on asthma asked if there was a way to keep kids from getting asthma in the first place – really much nicer than having to manage it. Is there a… Continue Reading


PTSD: What Is It Really? How Do Preppers Deal With It?

People toss around the name and diagnosis of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) a lot; but what is it really? I’m not a psychiatrist … but a good friend of mine is, and she has quite a lot of professional experience… Continue Reading


Toxic: Major Threats Hide Near Most Of Us, Often In Plain Sight

Spice & I work as a volunteer on a regional emergency management committee, and the #1 thing we prep for around here is something I don’t hear anybody talking about… probably because it’s not sexy, doesn’t require guns or long-term… Continue Reading


Sanitized for Your Protection: 4 Cleaning Agents for Prepper Medicine Plus 1 To Avoid!

The world is chock full of germs that would love to live in your warm, food-rich interior.  If allowed, they’d move in, eat your food, change your TV channels, poop on your carpet, and generally trash the place. I use… Continue Reading


The UnPanic Button: Two Strategies for Interrupting an Anxiety Attack Without Drugs

Your heart pounds.  Your breath comes fast and shallow.  Lunch is a hard, unmoving lump in your stomach.  Cold sweat trickles down your spine.  Nails dig into your palms as your fists clench.  Your eyes are wide as visions of… Continue Reading


Breathe Deeper… Prepping for Asthma, Part II: Three Management Ideas

Part I of this series had some ideas on having less asthma.  But what if you do have it, and it’s hanging on like a bad house guest, and normal medical care isn’t available?  There are some suggestions here that… Continue Reading


Podcast: Five Health Things To Consider Before The SHTF

Spice and Salty spill the beans on “health things to consider BEFORE the SHTF” in this week’s Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You podcast.  Recorded on a road trip to the People’s Republic of Illinois, the duo discuss a veritable plethora… Continue Reading


Get That Junk Out: 3 Preps For Wound Care

I’ve been thinking about wound care.  Developing The Place and other prepping or emergency activities often involve sharp tools, lots of muscle, and people doing tasks they don’t do every day — good conditions for traumatic injury.  I’m no expert… Continue Reading


Breathe, Child: Prepping for Asthma, Part I – Avoidance

Ok, I know asthma affects many adults as well as children.  It is common in childhood though (about 13% of children in the U.S.), and what tugs at a parents’ heart more than a child struggling to breathe?  When the… Continue Reading


Breathe Even While Sleeping: Three Preps for Sleep Apnea

For those of you who’ve never heard of apnea … I hope it’s because you don’t have it, rather than just because you haven’t been diagnosed with it.  Apnea means ‘no breathing’ so I’m pretty sure you don’t have it… Continue Reading


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Prepping for Arthritis, Part III

Part I and Part II of this series looked at the two arthritis remedies and/or preventatives that don’t depend on access to medical care, and that research supports as being the most helpful.  Part III is about the leftovers; supportive… Continue Reading


Holey Bones! Three Preps For Osteoporosis

We’ve all heard stories of how the old lady fell and broke her hip.  Well, usually not quite.  She often took a step, broke her hip because the bone was so thin and fragile, and this caused her to fall.… Continue Reading


Work Through the Pain? Part II of Prepping for Arthritis

This is Part II of the series on Prepping for Arthritis here at Beans, Bullets, Bandages, and You (for Part 1, CLICK HERE).  Arthritis isn’t a killer, so it might seem low on a prepper’s list of concerns.  On the… Continue Reading