Gun sales are down, but so are prices… NOW is the time to buy!

The oldest axiom on how to make money on Wall Street is to “buy low, sell high”. It should come as a surprise to nobody that gun sales are off following the 2016 elections. We don’t talk politics, even a… Continue Reading


Avoid This One Critical Mistake I Made When Buying Ammo As A Prep

Here’s a lesson from the School of Hard Knocks. Sometimes buying ammo is a mistake… or at least buying the particular ammo that you put in your shopping cart is.  I’ve made a lot of prepping mistakes over the years,… Continue Reading


Podcast: Glocks, Glocks and more Glocks…

Salty and Spice get down to business talking about the guns that the two open carry while at The Place. Glocks are also used by the pair as two of their prime home defense weapons, and one of the smaller… Continue Reading


Review: ISSC M-22 “Glock Clone .22”

Today’s review is the ISSC M-22, the “.22 Glock Clone” whose purpose in the preppers/survivalists arsenal is to be an inexpensive trainer for Glock owners who can shoot .22LR instead of the more expensive center fire ammo that Glocks eat.… Continue Reading


Streamlining ammo… why I only shoot a few sizes of shells

I keep reading posts and articles about preppers who have umpteen zillion guns, each one using a different caliber of ammo. “Hey, I’ve got 11 guns, a 12-gauge, a .410, a .22LR, a .22 Magnum .17 HMR that is SWEET,… Continue Reading


Review: Hi Point 995TS 9mm Carbine

Today’s review is of the Hi Point 995TS Carbine. Wearing optional laser, optional Magpul front grip and optional stock magazine holder This pistol caliber carbine is the latest version of the “most hideously ugly gun ever made”, the original Hi… Continue Reading


URGENT! Buy Your Guns & Ammo Before The Grabbers Shut You Down!

A lot of people out there have relaxed following the recent election, a fact that is demonstrated by the huge downturn in sales of firearms and ammunition. Prices are dropping, we are seeking lower-end AR’s dropping below the $400 level… Continue Reading