Gun sales are down, but so are prices… NOW is the time to buy!

The oldest axiom on how to make money on Wall Street is to “buy low, sell high”. It should come as a surprise to nobody that gun sales are off following the 2016 elections. We don’t talk politics, even a… Continue Reading


Avoid This One Critical Mistake I Made When Buying Ammo As A Prep

Here’s a lesson from the School of Hard Knocks. Sometimes buying ammo is a mistake… or at least buying the particular ammo that you put in your shopping cart is.  I’ve made a lot of prepping mistakes over the years,… Continue Reading


Review: Windham Weaponry SCR AR M4 flattop

Today’s review is the Windham Weaponry SCR AR M4 flattop. Philosophy Of use: Primary defense weapon for tactical situations. There’s really no need to expound up on the .223/5.56 NATO MF AR platform’s philosophy of use, you either know what… Continue Reading


Review: Marlin X7 Bolt Action Rifle Chambered In .223

Today’s review is of the Marlin X7 bolt action rifle, chambered in .223 I have shot .243 and .270 versions of the rifle and the are pretty much the same gun with different chambering/bolts, they have the same trigger groups,… Continue Reading


Streamlining ammo… why I only shoot a few sizes of shells

I keep reading posts and articles about preppers who have umpteen zillion guns, each one using a different caliber of ammo. “Hey, I’ve got 11 guns, a 12-gauge, a .410, a .22LR, a .22 Magnum .17 HMR that is SWEET,… Continue Reading


Podcast: We review the Israeli IWI Tavor X95 bullpup carbine

Salty & Spice take a look at the Tavor X95 and discuss why she has made this her CCW carbine of choice. The Tavor X95 is an updated and enhanced version of the verneable IDF street fighting carbine. The X95… Continue Reading