Gun Review: Chiappa Little Badger Survival Rifle

I am posting short gun reviews for “survival guns” that I own and use, from my own personal perspective. The views expressed are my own, and I will pull no punches… these are guns I own and shoot, and I… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: So, What’s Up With All The Different Sizes & Types Of Bullets & Shells?

If you are new to firearms, you are probably wondering “so what’s up with all the bullet sizes & all those codes?” Never fear, we’ve got a few simple answers for you to get you started. Over the last 150… Continue Reading


My Take On 5 Guns To Own When Ammo Is Scarce

Let’s say that for whatever reason, the ammo supply has dried up. We’ve seen it happen several times in recent years for various reasons and it’s likely to happen again one of these days. What are the five guns I… Continue Reading


Gun sales are down, but so are prices… NOW is the time to buy!

The oldest axiom on how to make money on Wall Street is to “buy low, sell high”. It should come as a surprise to nobody that gun sales are off following the 2016 elections. We don’t talk politics, even a… Continue Reading


Gun Review: Henry .22LR/L/S Golden Boy Rifle

Today’s review is the Henry Golden Boy chambered in .22LR/L/S. I plan to post reviews of the “regular” Henry .22LR/L/S as well as the Henry .22 Magnum, and Henry Big Boy .357 magnum carbine. Here’s Spice at the range killing… Continue Reading


Five Important Tips For Buying A Used Firearm

You are looking to make a firearms purchase but you also want to save a few dollars if you can by buying used? Here are 5 tips that will help you make a smart decision. Before we begin, safety first.… Continue Reading


Review: Crickett .22 Kids Single Shot, Also A GHB & BOB Option?

Crickett Precision Rifle

Today’s review is of the Crickett .22 bolt action children’s rifle. The Rifle In All It’s Glory! This gun is one of several designed specifically for the “children’s” gun market. The Crickett’s biggest competitor is with the Savage Rascal (to… Continue Reading


Review: Ye Ole .22 Single Shot

.22 Marlin Single-Shot Rifle

Today’s review is of the “Ye Ole Single Shot .22” This review is going to be completely different from most of my other reviews (except for “Ye Ole Smoke Pole” (coming soon – a similar type of gun), because I… Continue Reading


Review: Heritage Arms .22 Convertible Revolvers

Heritage Revolver .22LR & Magnum

Today’s review is of the Heritage Arms .22 & .22 Magnum convertible revolver. Philosophy of use from a prepping viewpoint: I own a couple of these revolvers, and until recently I never actually considered them from a prepper point of… Continue Reading


Review: ISSC M-22 “Glock Clone .22”

Today’s review is the ISSC M-22, the “.22 Glock Clone” whose purpose in the preppers/survivalists arsenal is to be an inexpensive trainer for Glock owners who can shoot .22LR instead of the more expensive center fire ammo that Glocks eat.… Continue Reading


Streamlining ammo… why I only shoot a few sizes of shells

I keep reading posts and articles about preppers who have umpteen zillion guns, each one using a different caliber of ammo. “Hey, I’ve got 11 guns, a 12-gauge, a .410, a .22LR, a .22 Magnum .17 HMR that is SWEET,… Continue Reading


Review: Mossberg 702 Plinkster

Today’s review is of the Mossberg International 702 Plinkster. Ever walk into a Tractor Supply Company store during Chick Days? You can hear the dull roar of the chicks chirping “Cheap Cheap Cheap”. I think the Mossberg design team was… Continue Reading


Review: Ruger LCR Revolvers As A BOB/GHB Option (And CCW)

Today’s review is of the Ruger LCR .357 magnum & LCR series as both a CCW and also as a BOB/GHB gun. The Ruger LCR series are plastic (polymer) framed snubby revolvers, available in several sizes. I will specifically be… Continue Reading


Review: Chiappa 1911-22 .22LR 1911 style pistol

Today’s review is the Chiappa 1911-22, a gun modeled after the venerable 1911 Colt, but down scaled into a .22LR firing platform. There are several versions; the difference is basically the finish. I am reviewing the “target” model. The gun… Continue Reading


Review: Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle

Today’s review: The Henry AR-7 Survival Rifle chambered in .22LR. All packed up and ready to go The rifle has an interesting history, but rather than re-inventing the wheel I will just post a link to the Wiki for the… Continue Reading