Independent & Ad-Free Opinions

There’s an old country expression, “I’ve got no dog in this hunt” to describe an independent & financially unbiased person. 

Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You is just that, independent and free of financial pressure to support any product.

When we do reviews, we do them the “Consumer Reports” way, we purchase every item with our own money, and we let you know honestly exactly what we think of it, good or bad.

We are scientific minded people, and we believe that claims should be supported by evidence. “Well, somebody told me that Product X was great so I recommend it” doesn’t fly around here. If it’s a food product, we read the ingredients to see if it’s good for us. If it’s a firearm, we test it not only to see if it functions as intended but also to see if it meets our needs as preppers.

We are in the business of busting prepper myths when we find them, and supporting them when we find that they deserve it.

There’s no financial gain for us doing this whatever, we are outside ad free (we will promote our own work within the site, but that’s it. No products, no services).

We have our biases, and we admit that up front. Our biggest bias is this. We believe in reproducible results. In other words, if something is claimed, it should hold up to scrutiny when put under a microscope. We own microscopes, we know how to do research and most importantly we know how to READ research. 

It really is just this simple: We’ve got no dog in this hunt. 

One of Paranoid Prepper’s Jersey Boys.. this dog won’t hunt!