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Salty: Salty is a 50-something year-old white collar worker. He lives in a small community in North Missouri, and he has been married to Spice for over 30 years. Salty’s areas of expertise include firearms and non-firearm weaponry, finance, and computer stuff. Salty was a gunsmith’s apprentice “back in the day” working with fitting, repairing & modifying firearms. While he never pursued getting his gunsmith FFL, he did learn a thing or two about what makes guns go BANG. 

Spice: Spice is a 50-something year-old scientist. She is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys cycling, kickboxing and other physically strenuous activities. She is also an experienced firearms enthusiast. Spice’s area of expertise in science includes the human body’s physiology, anatomy as well as biochemistry and “a whole lot of ooky gook”. 

Mammy: Mammy is a 50-something year-old woman, mother and grandmother who lives in North Missouri. She is Salty’s sister. She comes home at night from work to the “Man Of The House” who is a silent but supportive partner in her activities (and a darned good cook).  Mammy is an expert in frugal homemaking & crafting, and she is also an expert in fruit and food bearing trees and agriculture. She is also an experienced firearms enthusiast.

Alana: Spokesmodel for the project & avid firearms enthusiast.

Paranoid Prepper: Paranoid Prepper has survived NYC blackouts, tornadoes, earthquakes, and has lost count of the number of hurricanes he has experienced. Oh yeah, he was in the WTC when it was struck‎ on 9/11/01. As a result, he is firmly convinced that god’s name is Murphy.

Merman: Merman lives in a suburb of Dallas with his wife and toddler. When he first started learning about prepping, he turned away from it due to some of the more popular and prevalent prepping ideas on the Internet. After some trial and error, he discovered others like Salty and Spice who have philosophies similar to his own. His hobbies include travel, camping, boating, bicycling, photography and diving. Because of the toddler, some of the hobbies were put on hold and replaced with prepping which means he’s building an awesome set of camping gear, and “testing” his gear is just an excuse to get out in nature, play with fire and shoot furry and feathered things.

Terms we use:

The Place: Salty & Spice’s retreat / permaculture farm in progress. 

In Town: Salty & Spice’s in-town residence / permaculture farm in progress

The Range: Could be any number of local and area gun ranges.

The Boys: Pets of any variety, whether male or female, including but not limited to a couple of “Yorkshire Terrorists”.

The Man Of The House: The only one of us who has a lick of sense sometimes

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Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You

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