Why We Prep: Needs Are Not Mechanisms

Needs are not mechanisms. Both of the photos below show men who had a need to breathe while under water.  The men in the first photo (heroes all!) who had that need did not have the mechanism, and perished.  The… Continue Reading


PrepperPsych 101: Five Lessons from Experience -Time and Decision in a Crisis

It was a dark and stormy night.  Some loser drunk had collided with a power pole and left its debris in the road.  Salty and I hit  at highway speed a cable that was stretched across the road.  The front… Continue Reading


PrepperPsych 101: Fight, Flight, Freeze – People in a Panic

In some ways humans are unique among living things; but when we get scared enough those special things bolt off into a hole somewhere and we’re left with responses common to many animals.  This is what physiologists call the sympathetic… Continue Reading


How Do Preppers Eat The Prepping Elephant? One Bite At a Time

Prepping can seem an impossibly difficult task.  The ultimate goal, after all, would be able to deal with anything life sends your way.  It’s like trying to eat a whole elephant! So how do you start? Anything is better than… Continue Reading


The One Thing I’m Not Prepared For

“The North Korean foreign minister’s recent warning of a possible atmospheric nuclear test over the Pacific ocean should be heeded, a senior Pyongyang official has told CNN.” From <https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/oct/26/north-korea-threat-test-hydrogen-bomb-pacific> The Guardian has several articles that chronicle the recent DPRK nuclear… Continue Reading