OPSEC: Taking On a Low Profile, Gray Man Style

Paranoid Prepper recently did a very nice piece on Operational Security (OPSEC), or how to not advertise your preps.  You can find it here.  It got Salty and I to thinking, and since our situation is somewhat different from Paranoid Prepper’s,… Continue Reading


Swiss Army Knives:  The original multi-tool

When I was a Boy Scout, the typical scout knife was a Swiss Army Knife, sometimes with the Scout logo on it.  At the time these things seemed pretty handy, but then along came the original Leatherman multitool, and the… Continue Reading


OPSEC: Strategies For Dealing With Operational Security

Don’t you just love all the neat terms and acronyms the prepper community uses?  “Operational Security” OPSEC is borrowed from the military.  Personally, I prefer “Loose Lips Sink Ships” but LLSS doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so I guess… Continue Reading


‘This The Season… For People’s To Burn Their Houses Down Accidentally

I would have been 13 years old when I saw it happening, a fire raging in our neighbor’s house across the street.    It was a bitterly cold but clear Christmas morning, about 10:00, when we heard sirens wailing and… Continue Reading


Preppers, Are You Ready.gov For A Disaster?

The US Government has a long history of responding to natural and man-made disasters, with varying degrees of success.  We are going to examine the history of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in a future article, today let’s take… Continue Reading


Mom & Pop Stores That Cater To “Traditional Lifestyles” Can Be Prepper Goldmines

They are not on the beaten path… often, they are tucked away in small towns and back streets away from the main business districts… the Mom & Pop type stores that cater to people who live a more “traditional lifestyle”.… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper Explores The Value Of Tube Tents

One of the things you need in case of a bug out, or destruction of your primary dwelling, is a tent.  Tents can be very simple, or quite elaborate and expensive.  If you are into camping and will be using… Continue Reading


Urban Prepping: 6 Places You Didn’t Know You Can Stash Stuff

Just so you know, my father owned a construction company so I’ve been around the construction related trades all of my life, and I managed a construction crew when I was in college. I’m not licensed in any construction trade,… Continue Reading


Six Tips For Prepping With Canned Foods

Food is perhaps the second most important prep that a prepper can have (water and water purification would be the first). Food is also one of the most daunting issues facing a new prepper, especially if that person has limited… Continue Reading


Prepper Fitness: If The SHTF, You Will Perform Like You Physically Prepared

Something’s gone south, and it’s time to grab that car bag and hoof it for home. You did a good job of setting up the bag, and it’s there when you need it.  Nice!  Now, can you actually walk home… Continue Reading


Budget Prepping: 6 Ideas to Help You Get Started

For most of my adult life I have lived on an extremely tight budget. A huge amount of things in the prepping community are prohibitively expensive. I wanted to give you some guidance and encouragement to those who would like… Continue Reading


House Plant’s Secret Identity Revealed: Aloe, Prepper Gold

When we came back from a day at the lake cooked to a painful red, Mom would pinch a leaf off one of her few houseplants, split it open with a nail, and smear the slightly sticky/slimy but clear and… Continue Reading


Now is the Time for a Prep on the Cheap

 If you could buy an insurance policy for $1 that had the potential to add significant food – pounds and pounds of it – to your family’s larder should something dramatically bad happen in the next six months … would… Continue Reading


Prepper101: The 3-Minute Prep

Our first goal is to survive the next three minutes. You may think to yourself, “I’m not a diver, so I don’t need to worry about this one.” Remember that every prep helps accomplish other goals. It is true that… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper: How to be a Gray Man!

How to be a Gray Man! Salty suggested writing about being a Gray Man.  He asked the wrong guy.  After all, here I am blabbing about the subject all over the Internet.  First rule of being a Gray Man is… Continue Reading