A Day of Infamy, Years of Captivity: It CAN Happen Here, Concentration Camps In The USA

Concentration camp. I don’t know if there are an uglier couple of words in the English language when used together. Let me jump right to the chase here and tell you why I’m writing this… I want everybody who reads… Continue Reading


The Media, Mainstream Or Otherwise – Show Them Your Money!

The media makes money by exciting you, scaring you and making you put emotion ahead of reason. Lots of money. Obscene amounts of money… and power… Why is this important for a prepper? It is critical that preppers understand when… Continue Reading


There Are Many, Many Deceptively Easy Ways To Die

One bad choice. One second of inattention. One small decision.  One thing… and you are dead.  The worst part? You may not have even been the person who made the bad choice. You may not have been the inattentive one. … Continue Reading


We can do better than Columbus Day – Why not honor something worth of being honored?

I gotta be honest, Columbus Day is stupid. Columbus never set foot on a single spit of land that is a US state. He wasn’t the first European on US soil any way you count it, and in fact in… Continue Reading


Perspective: Revisiting why nobody needs to be SuperPrepperSurvivalistNinja™

I’m not a SuperPrepperSurvivalistNinja™. I’m kinda old, I’m carrying around far too many pounds (I’m working on that), and I’m not an aggressive go-getter killing machine. You probably aren’t either… at least, I HOPE you aren’t.  I’ve decided to revisit this… Continue Reading


Huge Prepper Mistake: “I hate (______________), they can starve for all I care!”

Duck & Cover Drill

I admit it, there are some groups of people I really don’t care for. There are people of certain political views that I think are idiots for thinking that stuff. With so many religions in the world (and sects among… Continue Reading


Should Essential Oils Be on a Prepper’s Shopping List?

The internet’s a wonderful thing, where you can wander down a path, take a left turn, and end up somewhere entirely unexpected.  That’s what happened when Salty sent me a link to a research article that seemed to indicate that… Continue Reading


Critical Thinking Skills: Preppers NEED To Understand The Difference Between Anecdote & Evidence To Thrive

The difference between somebody who survives a tragic disaster situation may come down to ONE decision that they made: to base their plans on evidence-based preps instead of anecdotal based preps. What on Earth is this guy talking about? Anec-what?… Continue Reading


What Preppers Need To Learn From The Wounded Knee Massacre

Wounded Knee. Most people have heard of it, but were I a betting man I would wager that few people in the prepper community have even given the thought of Wounded Knee or the “settlement of the west” the slightest… Continue Reading


Podcast: Is The Media Hindering Your Preps? Probably.

<script src=”https://www.buzzsprout.com/85428/540709-episode-27-is-the-media-hurting-your-prepping-probably.js?player=small” type=”text/javascript” charset=”utf-8″></script> I don’t watch the news. I don’t even have a television. I don’t spend hours going over the latest news/outrages/spin/whatever on the internet. This podcast explains why. After years of being a “news junkie”, after letting… Continue Reading


Sanitized for Your Protection: 4 Cleaning Agents for Prepper Medicine Plus 1 To Avoid!

The world is chock full of germs that would love to live in your warm, food-rich interior.  If allowed, they’d move in, eat your food, change your TV channels, poop on your carpet, and generally trash the place. I use… Continue Reading


When A Gun Grabber Asked Me How Many Assault Rifles I Owned… (PG-13 Rated)

Him: How many assault rifles do you own? Me: I don’t own any assault rifles, machine guns require a special license to own and I don’t have it. Him: OK, how many “modern sporting rifles” do you own? Me: How… Continue Reading


Six Common Prepper Mistakes To Avoid

I’ve been around the online prepper community for a while, and I keep seeing the same mistakes being made over and over again by preppers.  The number one mistake I see people make is a lack of attention to their… Continue Reading


Guns are my biggest prepping problem…

They are not my biggest problem because I am afraid of them, don’t know how to use them, wife won’t let me have any… No, my biggest problem is that I LOVE THEM and love buying them and shooting new/different… Continue Reading