PrepperNomics 107:  Examining Precious Metals For If The SHTF Or If It Doesn’t

PrepperNomics 107:  Precious Metals The subject of precious metals comes up often in prepper circles, either because of lack of confidence in the current monetary system, or because of a belief that precious metals will reassert themselves as mediums of… Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107:  Derivatives are going to destroy the World!! (Or, Not)

  We’ve all seen posts on forums and other references talking about how huge the Derivatives Market is and how supposedly dangerous it is.  The amazing thing to me is the folks posting, clearly don’t know what a derivative is. … Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107:  What Preppers Need To Know About Inflation

I wrote in an earlier post  about price movements for individual goods.  “Inflation” is the term we use for price increases in goods and services across the board. The typical layman’s understanding of inflation is simply more money, chasing the… Continue Reading