PrepperMed 101: I am So Cold – Recognizing & Treating Hypothermia

Hypothermia:  What is is; and isn’t: With winter comes the possibility of hypothermia.  And with long immersion in water, even not-that-cool-water, comes the possibility of hypothermia (water conducts your heat away 25x faster than does dry air).  And being damp… Continue Reading


PrepperMed UPDATE: Evidence Shows Chronic Wasting Disease In Deer Transfers To Primates

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a disease of hoofstock wildlife (deer and the like).currently spreading through North America.  Affected animals look … well, like this: Why should preppers care? There’s been no proven case of CWD being transmitted to a human…… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Dealing with Snakebite

Snakes.  They frighten or just creep out more people than does any other animal with a backbone.  In a sense, that’s unjust:  Many animals, including cattle, kill far more people per year.  Only a small percentage of snakes in North… Continue Reading


Five Health Things To Consider Before The SHTF

There are five basic aspects of health we need to address while prepping, and we are here today to spell them out for you. Back in July, Spice and Salty spill the beans on “health things to consider BEFORE the… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: What To Do When The Frost Bites

Sorry, folks.  It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to the soft peace of falling snow, the beautiful glitter of the sun emerging after an ice-storm … and frostbite.  What to do if something bad goes down on some… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Injuries While On the Move

Something bad has gone down, and you’ve grabbed your bag and set off on foot, according to the plan. Then the foot lands in a way that was not in the plan, there’s pain, and it’s clear something in that… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics and Vitamins: Both Good, but Not Always Together

A couple of days ago, we listened to Todd Sepulveda’s Prepper Website Podcast Episode 190 (CLICKY) which featured Spice’s article Situations Change. Sometimes The SHTF. Life Changes. Medication Changes. But How? A Prepping Example. (CLICKY) We always enjoy listening to the podcast,… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Situations Change. Sometimes The SHTF. Life Changes. Medication Changes. But How? A Prepping Example.

It had been nearly a month since the earthquake.  Many businesses were still closed and the bridges were out so you couldn’t drive far, but Sue had been doing fine:  Lots of wood on hand to keep the house warm,… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: The Plague? In 2017? In America? Seriously?

The Black Death was one of the most devastating pandemics in human history, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 75 to 200 million people in Eurasia and peaking in Europe in the years 1346–1353. That’s how the Wikipedia article about The Black Death starts.  1346-1353 Europe. That’s a… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Should Preppers In Particular Get A Flu Shot?

  There are two different sorts of flu outbreak to think about:  Seasonal flu and pandemic flu.  Seasonal flu strains circulate yearly, and it’s these that the flu vaccines regularly offered help protect against.  Are those flu vaccines worth getting? … Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Preppers Shouldn’t Throw Stones… Especially Kidney Stones.

Is there anything less fun than kidney stones?  Not a whole lot … “The most painful thing I’ve ever experienced” is a phrase that comes up a lot when people talk about their experiences with one.  I bet I can… Continue Reading


Cold Turkeys: Prepping For When Your Meds Run Out

A week or so ago, a friend of mine up and quit taking his prescribed medications.  Didn’t think it would be any big deal; just a few days off the blood pressure drugs until he could get in to see… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Four Things Preppers on Blood Thinners Might Like to Know

Ok, if you’ve read many of my health posts you’re used to the line about how I’m not a physician and I don’t give medical advice.  You can double that for this piece.  Even if I was a physician, no… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Antibiotic Resistance and You – The Podcast

This podcast is Salty and I hashing out antibiotic resistance; how it arises and how to minimize the problems it causes you with the strategy of Go Big or Go Home. If you’re one who keeps ‘fish’ antibiotics on hand just… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: What Would I Do, If It Were the Flu?

Why are people so concerned when it’s just a flu virus? And not even a flu virus that currently exists, at that?  Of all the “Stuff hits the fan, it reaches even down here to rural Missouri, and help is… Continue Reading