PrepperEats: Vegetable Frittata

Your mileage may differ, but although dehydrated egg powder worked fine in other recipes where it serves as a binder or whatever, eating the stuff plain (as in, rehydrated then fried or scrambled) has always been very disappointing — definitely… Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Salmon Patties Are Easy, Tasty & Good Nutrition From Storage Foods

Wouldn’t it be great, during a time of stress and upheaval, to be able to quickly prepare a welcome and familiar food from your preps? This is one way.   PrepperEats is a series designed to spark ideas on how to… Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Chicken noodle casserole

Food preps tend to come in very shelf-stable but not terrible eater-friendly packaging:  5 gal buckets of staples, gallon tins of dehydrated this or that, powdered soups and similar delicacies.  It’s great to have; but we need to think about… Continue Reading