Opps! Six Dumb Prepping Mistakes We Made In 2017

We admit it. We’re human. We screw up. A lot. We do, however, think that one vital prepping skill is the ability to admit to our many prepping mistakes, and learn from them. We also try to learn from other… Continue Reading


Prepper Fails and Prepper Successes: How’d the Year Go?

Salty and I are not big on New Year’s resolutions; but there is a value in giving yourself a checkup now and then, considering what’s been going well and what needs to be improved upon.  In this podcast, we do just… Continue Reading


Click, Click, Click: Postmortem Of Our Recent Really Dumb Prepper Fail

It was a lovely fall day out at “The Place”. Spice was doing her last mowing of the season, and we had been out picking up chunks of the trees we recently removed. Work was done, and after a bit… Continue Reading