PrepBusters: Using Herbal Remedies – Four Things You Need To Know

A few hours after she ate the greens, she was feeling unwell, tired but unsettled. She noticed her pulse was slow and irregular.  The the abdominal pain came on, with nausea and vomiting. Her chest started to hurt….(1) In the.PrepBusters… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: With Emergency Food, What Does a Body Really Need?

Cyclists have a saying: Light. Strong. Cheap. Pick two. (You can’t have all three; all choices involve trade-offs.) Prepper food has to shelf-stable. At least some of it needs to be easy to cook with minimal resources. There’s a lot… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: Emergency Food Kits – Do they really have what you need?

It’s like Myth-Busters, for preppers: In this PrepBuster series, we shine some light on some of the murkier corners of prepper information; topics where it can be hard to get a clear answer. This episode is about the nutritional information… Continue Reading