Prep A Steady Food Source: Four Considerations About Food Producing Trees

Spice plants a pear tree

It’s getting to be that time of year:  Seed catalogs in the mail every day.  It’s too early to plant yet, but it is time to be deciding about trees. Trees are best planted quite early in the spring, before… Continue Reading


9 Small and Cheap Preps to Greatly Extend Your Equipment’s Usefulness

“Two is one, one is none.”  That’s a common prepper saying, acknowledging the fact that things break.  If it’s critical and it breaks, you’d better have a backup.  I think though, that a lot of people underestimate how much can… Continue Reading


Here’s Why We Don’t Do Politics At Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You

Here at Beans, Bullets, Bandages, and You (3BY), we don’t do politics or religion. We don’t talk about ours and we don’t provide a forum for other people to talk about theirs. In this post and companion podcast, we explain… Continue Reading


Seeds: The Most Bang for the Prepping Buck

I despise shopping.  Except for garden seeds.  Seeds are not just Stuff; they’re a world of Possibility.  For mere pocket change, often less than a dollar, you can pick up a packet of seeds that can feed you and yours… Continue Reading


PrepperPsych 101: Preppers Are A Bit Strange, But How Big of a Nut is Too Much?

It’s no secret to any prepper that the bulk of society does not share our commitment to self-sufficiency in times of crisis – making us to some degree ‘nutty’. Some of that seems unavoidable if we are to open up… Continue Reading


Fair Game? A Realistic Look At Game Meat As A SHTF Prepper Food Option

I was seriously tempted to shoot a squirrel once.  In my laundry room.  As he sat on a pile of our stuff he’d tumbled onto the floor, after chewing our windowsills to splinters trying to escape.  The little blighter wasn’t… Continue Reading


OPSEC: Taking On a Low Profile, Gray Man Style

Paranoid Prepper recently did a very nice piece on Operational Security (OPSEC), or how to not advertise your preps.  You can find it here.  It got Salty and I to thinking, and since our situation is somewhat different from Paranoid Prepper’s,… Continue Reading


Safety First – The Importance Of Avoiding Injuries If The SHTF

Safety. When times are normal or if the Stuff Hits The Fan, it’s critical to put safety first. We always start any safety discussion by pointing out what we consider the obvious. The most likely non-natural thing that will kill… Continue Reading


Mastering Four Challenges Women Preppers Face Every Day

News flash! Men and women are different! Well… anybody with any sense at all knows. As we explain in this weeks 3BY podcast, meeting the challenges of mastering our differences is a critical part to thriving both everyday and if… Continue Reading


8 Things Preppers Often Focus on Too Much

As preppers, one of the hardest things that we can do is find balance in our preps. For various reasons we tend to overdo or neglect. In today’s article & it’s accompanying podcast, we take a look at eight different… Continue Reading


Click, Click, Click: Postmortem Of Our Recent Really Dumb Prepper Fail

It was a lovely fall day out at “The Place”. Spice was doing her last mowing of the season, and we had been out picking up chunks of the trees we recently removed. Work was done, and after a bit… Continue Reading


My Prepping No-No: I’ve Made The Same Mistake Over & Over, Don’t You Make It Too!

I”ve made many prepping mistakes over the years, and hopefully I have learned from at least most of them There’s one that I have made over and over, and yet I have to struggle every day not to make it… Continue Reading


Conservation & Why It Matters For Preppers

One common theme that runs through the prepper community has always baffled Salty & Spice, and that’s the apparent lack of concern for the environment… the same environment we depend upon for our daily survival.  Spice & Salty are conservationists,… Continue Reading


Podcast: Preppers, Play This Podcast To Your Reluctant Spouse

In this special podcast from Salty & Spice, we talk not to our brother & sister preppers but rather to their reluctant spouses. All too often the prepper sees this: While his or her spouse is like this:   Here’s… Continue Reading


Podcast: Prepping Lessons Learned On A Massive Road Trip

After 10 days and nearly 4,000 miles of travel, we have returned from our massive Great Plains road trip. What did we learn? Find out some of it by listening to this week’s podcast! Needles, South Dakota (Spice’s note:  No prepping… Continue Reading