9 Small and Cheap Preps to Greatly Extend Your Equipment’s Usefulness

“Two is one, one is none.”  That’s a common prepper saying, acknowledging the fact that things break.  If it’s critical and it breaks, you’d better have a backup.  I think though, that a lot of people underestimate how much can… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper Explores The Value Of Tube Tents

One of the things you need in case of a bug out, or destruction of your primary dwelling, is a tent.  Tents can be very simple, or quite elaborate and expensive.  If you are into camping and will be using… Continue Reading


Budget Prepping: 6 Ideas to Help You Get Started

For most of my adult life I have lived on an extremely tight budget. A huge amount of things in the prepping community are prohibitively expensive. I wanted to give you some guidance and encouragement to those who would like… Continue Reading