Step-By-Step: How To Make Hardtack Biscuits Simply & Inexpensively

Making Hardtack Biscuits Hardtack has been a staple long-term storage food for over 1,000 years. Known by many names, and made in untold numbers of combinations of grains and flours, the purpose of Hardtack (or sea biscuits) is to provide… Continue Reading


Food Rotation: Using Pantry Organizers Keeps Survival Larder Fresh

One of the most important parts of having an affordable “deep larder” is keeping food on hand that A) you like eating and B) that stays fresh enough to not have a bunch of waste. This is a big subject,… Continue Reading


BOL Invaded By Green Aliens! (And NO, It’s Not In Roswell, NM)

Spoiler alert:  It wasn’t These aliens: Having to weed a prairie is just not right.  I blamed the morning job on the blamed fool that decided that Sericea lespedeza would make a great import to northeast Missouri.  “It’s very hardy!”… Continue Reading


Holey Bones! Three Preps For Osteoporosis

We’ve all heard stories of how the old lady fell and broke her hip.  Well, usually not quite.  She often took a step, broke her hip because the bone was so thin and fragile, and this caused her to fall.… Continue Reading


Scum Weenies: Are Canned Vienna Sausages A Decent Prep?

Article by Salty & Spice We’ve all seen them, and chances are good most people have actually eaten them… the ubiquitous Vienna Sausage. I gotta be honest, the name Vienna Sausage sounds a bit too fancy for these gelatinous packed… Continue Reading


Podcast: Rainwater collection & water storage at both home and The Place

In this edition of the 3BY podcast, Salty and Spice take a look at their current water collection and storage situation at both the homestead and at The Place. Spice details her water collection system and drip irrigation systems at… Continue Reading


One man’s garbage is another’s gold

One man’s garbage is another’s gold … particularly if the ‘another’ is a garden. Many preppers, myself included, keep a stock of seeds suitable for starting a garden.  Well folks, if you plan to make that seed stock be more… Continue Reading


Food review: Louisiana Red Beans & Rice from Backpacker’s Pantry

This is a dehydrated pouch meal meant as camping supplies but certainly suitable as fairly shelf-stable and compact storage food that doesn’t need refrigeration.  You add boiling water to the pouch, stir, seal it up for about 20 min, and… Continue Reading


Review: Loma Linda Canned “Swiss Stakes” (not a typo)

We are always looking for medium-term storage food (3-5 years), and recently picked up a few Loma Linda products to test them out. First up? Loma Linda “Swiss Stakes”.  The “Stakes” are not actually meat, they are vegetarian textured vegetable… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper in NJ: Hurricane Sandy caused havoc all around, but for us? Not so much.

I’ve been through more than my share of hurricanes over the years.  People don’t think of New Jersey when they think of hurricanes.  They think of Florida.  However, every few years we get one hurricane that tracks right up the… Continue Reading


And the winner for Most Food per Foot is?

The potato bin! Or so I’ve read, and by the end of the year I’ll see if it’s true.  Building and planting a potato bin is one of my garden experiments this year.  (Every year I try a few new… Continue Reading


Garden pests? Just share your beer …

Slugs.   Ugs.   Giant slugs that not only gnaw on your strawberries, tomatoes, and other formerly-fine produce, but leave sliiimmmeeeee all over what’s left…triple ug.  And don’t even get me *started* about what happens if you walk out into… Continue Reading


Where Am I Going To Put All This Stuff?

After the WTC experience, I realized there was no way I could predict the type of disaster.  I never in my wildest imagination (wild at times) could have dreamed that one up.  Suicidal maniacs hijacking airplanes and flying them into… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials Part III: The Tame and the Wild

Pre-death raspberry

When Salty mentioned developing a new category of posts about “If We Had it to Do Over Again”, it wasn’t hard to come up with candidates.  I’ve done some of my best remembered learning ‘the hard way’ after all.  My… Continue Reading


Picking Perennials, Part II: In for the Long Haul

It’s December.  You’d love to have your spouse’s favorite – cobbler – for dessert; or give the kids something sweet and healthy to carry with them for a snack. Some raspberry tea would go down pretty good, too. The grocery… Continue Reading