Prep A Steady Food Source: Four Considerations About Food Producing Trees

Spice plants a pear tree

It’s getting to be that time of year:  Seed catalogs in the mail every day.  It’s too early to plant yet, but it is time to be deciding about trees. Trees are best planted quite early in the spring, before… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Honey is One Sweet Prep

Honey was one of the valuables buried with Egyptian royalty.  Archeologists have found flasks of it in tombs, thousands of years old.  It’s still edible.  Now *that* is a long-term prep!  (Honey will crystalize if it sits around, but that… Continue Reading


Seeds: The Most Bang for the Prepping Buck

I despise shopping.  Except for garden seeds.  Seeds are not just Stuff; they’re a world of Possibility.  For mere pocket change, often less than a dollar, you can pick up a packet of seeds that can feed you and yours… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: Are All Kinds Of Canned Meat Good Prepper Storage Food?

Canned meat. It’s a staple of many preppers emergency food storage. The question? Is this a good thing, or a bad thing. The answer is that very annoying phrase “Well, it depends…” As it turns out, there are good canned… Continue Reading


Fair Game? A Realistic Look At Game Meat As A SHTF Prepper Food Option

I was seriously tempted to shoot a squirrel once.  In my laundry room.  As he sat on a pile of our stuff he’d tumbled onto the floor, after chewing our windowsills to splinters trying to escape.  The little blighter wasn’t… Continue Reading


Prepping Lessons To Learn From The Disaster In Puerto Rico

Lessons from Puerto Rico The destruction in Puerto Rico is an opportunity for all of us to learn a few lessons.  Prior to Hurricanes Irma and Maria, Puerto Rico’s largest problem was that the government had borrowed too much, and… Continue Reading


Prepper Food Review: Mountain House Pasta Primavera

This is one of those 1-2 servings, just add hot water, backpacker pouch meals.  They’re available at about $7 a pouch.  Ease of use I like these pouches for ‘go-bag’ foods, as they’re light and pack pretty small but offer… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: With Emergency Food, What Does a Body Really Need?

Cyclists have a saying: Light. Strong. Cheap. Pick two. (You can’t have all three; all choices involve trade-offs.) Prepper food has to shelf-stable. At least some of it needs to be easy to cook with minimal resources. There’s a lot… Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Vegetable Frittata

Your mileage may differ, but although dehydrated egg powder worked fine in other recipes where it serves as a binder or whatever, eating the stuff plain (as in, rehydrated then fried or scrambled) has always been very disappointing — definitely… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: Emergency Food Kits – Do they really have what you need?

It’s like Myth-Busters, for preppers: In this PrepBuster series, we shine some light on some of the murkier corners of prepper information; topics where it can be hard to get a clear answer. This episode is about the nutritional information… Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Salmon Patties Are Easy, Tasty & Good Nutrition From Storage Foods

Wouldn’t it be great, during a time of stress and upheaval, to be able to quickly prepare a welcome and familiar food from your preps? This is one way.   PrepperEats is a series designed to spark ideas on how to… Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Chicken noodle casserole

Food preps tend to come in very shelf-stable but not terrible eater-friendly packaging:  5 gal buckets of staples, gallon tins of dehydrated this or that, powdered soups and similar delicacies.  It’s great to have; but we need to think about… Continue Reading


PrepperMed UPDATE: Evidence Shows Chronic Wasting Disease In Deer Transfers To Primates

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a disease of hoofstock wildlife (deer and the like).currently spreading through North America.  Affected animals look … well, like this: Why should preppers care? There’s been no proven case of CWD being transmitted to a human…… Continue Reading


Keeping It Fresh: Maintaining The Quality Of Your Preps By Rotation

Imaging you are in a SHTF situation. You are thinking “well, as bad as things are, we will get by because we have our pantry stacked deep…” You pick up a can to open to make a meal, and notice… Continue Reading


Six Tips For Prepping With Canned Foods

Food is perhaps the second most important prep that a prepper can have (water and water purification would be the first). Food is also one of the most daunting issues facing a new prepper, especially if that person has limited… Continue Reading