Food Rotation: Using Pantry Organizers Keeps Survival Larder Fresh

One of the most important parts of having an affordable “deep larder” is keeping food on hand that A) you like eating and B) that stays fresh enough to not have a bunch of waste. This is a big subject,… Continue Reading


Scum Weenies: Are Canned Vienna Sausages A Decent Prep?

Article by Salty & Spice We’ve all seen them, and chances are good most people have actually eaten them… the ubiquitous Vienna Sausage. I gotta be honest, the name Vienna Sausage sounds a bit too fancy for these gelatinous packed… Continue Reading


Product Review: The Yukon Growler – it’s not just for beer…

Why review what is essentially a really big beer Thermos on a preparedness site?  Because it’s so very useful for when you have to stay outside in extreme weather.   Three problems that this product helps solve are a part… Continue Reading


Food review: Louisiana Red Beans & Rice from Backpacker’s Pantry

This is a dehydrated pouch meal meant as camping supplies but certainly suitable as fairly shelf-stable and compact storage food that doesn’t need refrigeration.  You add boiling water to the pouch, stir, seal it up for about 20 min, and… Continue Reading


Review: Loma Linda Canned “Swiss Stakes” (not a typo)

We are always looking for medium-term storage food (3-5 years), and recently picked up a few Loma Linda products to test them out. First up? Loma Linda “Swiss Stakes”.  The “Stakes” are not actually meat, they are vegetarian textured vegetable… Continue Reading


Review: Augason Farms Cheesy Broccoli and Rice (Instant)

This is what I’d call a ‘good base for an entree’ entry in the reasonably priced, long term storage, easy preparation food.  It’s not special, but is of good quality and tastes pretty good.  There’s not much broccoli, but enough… Continue Reading


Review: Organic Tomato Basil with Pasta soup mix, Augason Farms

Why all the Augason Farms reviews?  Because we’re trying out a selection as we seek long term storage, easy cook solutions.  MREs are sorta ok, but too much of it is junk food (desserts and sugared drinks), they’re bulky, and… Continue Reading


Review: Vegetable Stew Blend by Augason Farms

It was a work day out at The Place today, and it’s a chilly one, with snow still hiding in every bit of shade.  It’d sure be nice to have a hot lunch. No, scratch that; it sure *was* nice… Continue Reading


Review: Augason Farms Regular Rolled Oats 20lb Long Term Storage Pail

I’ve got to admit, I love me some oatmeal in the morning.   How do I love thee, gruel?   Let me count the ways:   It’s a quick and easy. It’s very easily cooked over a fire – I… Continue Reading