House Plant’s Secret Identity Revealed: Aloe, Prepper Gold

When we came back from a day at the lake cooked to a painful red, Mom would pinch a leaf off one of her few houseplants, split it open with a nail, and smear the slightly sticky/slimy but clear and… Continue Reading


Cold Turkeys: Prepping For When Your Meds Run Out

A week or so ago, a friend of mine up and quit taking his prescribed medications.  Didn’t think it would be any big deal; just a few days off the blood pressure drugs until he could get in to see… Continue Reading


Natural Family Planning for Preppers

It’s hardly ever talked about … but it can be of vital importance.  During a crisis, access to normal health care, including contraception, might be interrupted.  It might be a really bad time to add a baby to the family… Continue Reading


Should Essential Oils Be on a Prepper’s Shopping List?

The internet’s a wonderful thing, where you can wander down a path, take a left turn, and end up somewhere entirely unexpected.  That’s what happened when Salty sent me a link to a research article that seemed to indicate that… Continue Reading


Four Things Preppers on Blood Thinners Might Like to Know

Ok, if you’ve read many of my health posts you’re used to the line about how I’m not a physician and I don’t give medical advice.  You can double that for this piece.  Even if I was a physician, no… Continue Reading


Antibiotic Resistance and You: the Podcast

This podcast is Salty and I hashing out antibiotic resistance; how it arises and how to minimize the problems it causes you with the strategy of Go Big or Go Home. If you’re one who keeps ‘fish’ antibiotics on hand just… Continue Reading


Mad Cows and Laughing Cannibals: Chronic Wasting Disease Info For Preppers

Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) is a disease of hoofstock wildlife (deer and the like).currently spreading through North America.  Affected animals look … well, like this: Why should preppers care? Well, on one hand, there’s been no proven case of CWD being… Continue Reading


What Would I Do, If It Were the Flu?

Why are people so concerned when it’s just a flu virus? And not even a flu virus that currently exists, at that?  Of all the “Stuff hits the fan, it reaches even down here to rural Missouri, and help is… Continue Reading


Two Keys to Prepping Against Antibiotic Resistance

After the development of antibiotics, experts in infectious medicine who’d seen the fatalities in their field drop by more than 90% trumpeted an end to their entire specialty; and many medical schools closed the infectious disease departments entirely.  Today, we’ve… Continue Reading


Rock-hard muscles can be too much of a good thing: Tetanus

It’s called ‘lockjaw’ because the jaw muscles are among the first to be affected. They spasm and seize up, holding the jaw firmly shut.  The good news is, starvation is not likely to be a problem.  The bad news is,… Continue Reading


Hidden Danger: Spiders Can Hurt Preppers, Maim Or Even Worse

All he did was take a hike in the woods of a state park.  At the time, we didn’t notice anything amiss.  A thing like that shouldn’t take the wonders of modern medicine to keep from killing a guy, should… Continue Reading


Ahead on Points: 6 Prepper Wins and 3 Prepper Fails on a Hiking Trip

I just got back from a hiking trip in the mountains, and wanted to share my experiences:  The good to encourage their use and the bad to save you from learning the Hard Way.  I had to be very selective… Continue Reading


My Shoes Shrank! Four Approaches for Dealing with Leg Swelling

I’ve been working on a series to give people ideas for managing chronic conditions when they can’t get medical care (search the Bandages tag here on the BBBY site if that interests you).  This is just a slight change of… Continue Reading


Breathing If The SHTF: Prepping To Not Have Asthma

One of the readers of one of my previous posts on asthma asked if there was a way to keep kids from getting asthma in the first place – really much nicer than having to manage it. Is there a… Continue Reading