PrepperGuns 101: Don’t Weigh Your Gun Down With Tacticool Toys

I was at the range last fall, and a casual friend of mine was there shooting his AR. The thing was absolutely loaded with “accessories”, it had a combo flashlight/laser, an EOTech holographic sight with magnifier, a Magpul front hand… Continue Reading


Home Defense Gun: Thinking Outside The Box With A .410 Pump

When it comes to home defense weaponry, I started thinking outside the box recently and have added a new addition to our “if you break in, you are going to really, really regret it” preps… a .410 pump shotgun. Wait,… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: The Blue Helmets Are Not Going To Invade The US (Nor Will Anybody Else)

If you have read any  prepper fiction, there’s a really good chance that sooner or later the “Blue Helmets” will show up as the bad guys in at least some of them. Perhaps the most well-known of all modern prepper… Continue Reading


Guns & Ammo: If You Don’t Stock Up Now, You WILL Regret It

I was walking around in a big-box retailer last weekend in the sporting goods section, and I saw something I hadn’t seen in a long time… the .22LR shelves stocked to overflowing, and the prices back down to “normal”. I… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Dealing With Diabetes When The Stuff Hits The Fan (SHTF)

When the Stuff Hits The Fan (SHTF), a serious health crisis is going to hit a large section of the US population in a big hurry. Over 8% of Americans have diabetes right now.  About a third have pre-diabetes, which… Continue Reading


Understanding Vigilante Justice In Modern-Day America: He Had It Coming!

Part of being a prepper is developing an understanding what might/will happen during times of societal collapse/chaos, even if that collapse just happens on a local scale.  There are times when law and order breaks down in the USA right… Continue Reading


PrepBusters: The Fallacy of Bugging Out Into “The Woods”

Admit it, we all have fantasized about bugging out into the woods after the “Stuff Hits The Fan” (SHTF).  We’ve also read about it in countless prepper stories and novels, and many of us have practiced a few basic woodsman… Continue Reading


Are Guns & Ammo Reasonable Items To Stock For Barter In A Collapse?

There are very few topics that can spur a debate like “are guns and/or ammo good items to stock for barter in a social/economic collapse”? Generally, there are two sides of the argument. You would be crazy to trade somebody… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Six Reasons why revolvers are a great choice for preppers

Many preppers frown upon the thought of using a revolver as their primary defense handgun, and there are good reasons to choose something other than a wheelgun. There is one overriding factor that guarantees revolvers will always have a place… Continue Reading


Prepping isn’t about what you need, it’s about figuring out how to get what you need done

  One difference between being an effective prepper and some guy/gal who understand the need to prep is simple. Effective preppers concentrate on how get needs they identify filled. A second difference between being an effective prepper and everybody else… Continue Reading


PrepperGuns 101: Dealing With Recoil, A Sometimes Brutal Necessity.

Last summer, I remember that I wasn’t looking forward to my trip to the range, because I knew what I had to do it… Perfect day, high around 70, sun shining, white puffy clouds in the sky, low humidity… couldn’t… Continue Reading


Preppers, Are You Ready.gov For A Disaster?

The US Government has a long history of responding to natural and man-made disasters, with varying degrees of success.  We are going to examine the history of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in a future article, today let’s take… Continue Reading


Pepper Spray: The Other Concealed Carry

I just took my Ruger LC9S, safely tucked into it’s pocket holster, out of my jacket pocket and placed it in it’s daytime home, my office desk drawer. I work in an office that is entirely pro-carry… to the point… Continue Reading