This Year’s H3N2 Virus “Tough”, Causes Epidemic But Not “Cytokine Storm”

The USA and several parts of the world are being ravaged by the H3N2 virus, a particularly nasty version of the seasonal flu that has reached epidemic proportions in many areas. We are starting to see articles in the prepper… Continue Reading


Opps! Six Dumb Prepping Mistakes We Made In 2017

We admit it. We’re human. We screw up. A lot. We do, however, think that one vital prepping skill is the ability to admit to our many prepping mistakes, and learn from them. We also try to learn from other… Continue Reading


Prepper Fails and Prepper Successes: How’d the Year Go?

Salty and I are not big on New Year’s resolutions; but there is a value in giving yourself a checkup now and then, considering what’s been going well and what needs to be improved upon.  In this podcast, we do just… Continue Reading


‘This The Season… For People’s To Burn Their Houses Down Accidentally

I would have been 13 years old when I saw it happening, a fire raging in our neighbor’s house across the street.    It was a bitterly cold but clear Christmas morning, about 10:00, when we heard sirens wailing and… Continue Reading


Mom & Pop Stores That Cater To “Traditional Lifestyles” Can Be Prepper Goldmines

They are not on the beaten path… often, they are tucked away in small towns and back streets away from the main business districts… the Mom & Pop type stores that cater to people who live a more “traditional lifestyle”.… Continue Reading


PrepperPsych 101: Anticipating Moments Of Survival Helps Plan For Them

To really succeed as a prepper, you have to have a plan.  Prepping is a lot of hard work, it takes a lot of time and a significant chunk of your available money… and one of the keys to being… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics and Vitamins: Both Good, but Not Always Together

A couple of days ago, we listened to Todd Sepulveda’s Prepper Website Podcast Episode 190 (CLICKY) which featured Spice’s article Situations Change. Sometimes The SHTF. Life Changes. Medication Changes. But How? A Prepping Example. (CLICKY) We always enjoy listening to the podcast,… Continue Reading