The Paranoid Prepper: Low Probability Events

One of the things that makes preppers look, . . . paranoid, is the fact that the preparations are all for low probability events.  Too many of us are then unable to discuss what we are preparing for without sounding… Continue Reading


Ammo Cans: The Army’s Trash Is A Prepper’s Treasure

One of the problems with being a prepper is storage.  For ammunition, the most popular solution is the military style ammo can.  These come in a variety of sizes with 50 cal. and 30 cal. being the most common.  These… Continue Reading


Escape From New York: Execution

The first thing you need to do when disaster strikes in an urban setting is recognize that something is wrong, and get out of the building. If you are wrong and nothing is happening, you can always go back inside,… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper’s Escape From New York: Preparation To Flee

As I mentioned all the way back in my first post, I have had occasions to “Escape from New York”.  On a normal day, New York City is a nuisance to enter, and a nuisance to leave, not quite as… Continue Reading


Bug Out Bags: BOBs for the Bobless

The first step for most preppers is to assemble a personal Bug Out Bag (BOB), so I don’t need to convince my loyal readers, both of them, of the importance of a BOB. With 20 people to plan for, some… Continue Reading


How I Formed A Mutual Assistance Group

Some have wondered how I wound up with a group of 20 to prep for, and have voiced the opinion that the MAG is either a good thing, or a bad thing, depending on their own point of view. The… Continue Reading


Prepper Estate Planning: Beginning Planning For Grandchildren

One of the awkward moments in every Prepper fiction book is the moment when the protagonist acquires the wherewithal to buy all the “stuff” he needs.  In some cases, the book will simply start with all of the shopping done,… Continue Reading


Prepping for a Nuclear Event in Suburbia

While my modus operandi has been to largely ignore the type of disaster until it actually happens, there has been concern that New York City would be a terrorist target, . . . again, with the terrorists using a dirty… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper: The Jersey Boys

Paranoid’s Security System.  Guarding the food dish.  😊 The Jersey Boys: When I set out to write this series, I found that among the “defined terms” for this site was “The Boys”, meant to refer to household pets.  Consequently, I… Continue Reading


The Paranoid Prepper Bug Out Vehicle (BOV): Part 2

  My dream BOV  😊 The BOV Saga: Part 2 I’ve actually been through one car restoration previously.  That was before I was a prepper.  The car was an antique Porsche.  If you go back far enough in Porsche history,… Continue Reading


The BOV Saga: Part 1

One of the more entertaining Prepper pursuits is Bug Out Vehicles (BOV) and with my crew of 20 children and grandchildren, you might think my BOV would look like the one pictured.  Unfortunately, I can only aspire to such a… Continue Reading


The Ebola Scare: Take Home Lessons For The Paranoid Prepper

The Ebola Scare: Spice did a nice post on Pandemics.  I’ve never been in a Pandemic, so I suspect Murphy has one planned for my future.  However, we did have an Ebola scare a couple years back, from which I… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper in NJ: Hurricane Sandy caused havoc all around, but for us? Not so much.

I’ve been through more than my share of hurricanes over the years.  People don’t think of New Jersey when they think of hurricanes.  They think of Florida.  However, every few years we get one hurricane that tracks right up the… Continue Reading


The People’s Republic of New Jersey Gun Review, aka Part 2:

Everyone who knows Salty knows he does excellent Gun Reviews, at least for the 40 free states that still respect the Second Amendment to any degree.  The remaining states, like the People’s Republic of New Jersey, not so much.  That… Continue Reading


The People’s Republic of New Jersey Gun Review, Part 1:

 As all this “stuff” was accumulating I decided that I would read some Prepper fiction, and in every single book they have a gun fight.  Sometimes, a bunch of gun fights! Now in all the hurricanes and tornadoes I’ve been… Continue Reading