3BY Glossary

In every human endeavor, after a while certain “buzzwords” tend to arises, and here at Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You we are no exception.

Here are some common (to US) terms that we use:

3BY –  Shorthand for Beans, Bullets, Bandages & You (Three B-words, followed by a Y-word, aren’t we so clever?)

All Hat, No Cattle Preppers – As we defined in the post All Hat – No Cattle Preppers post, this term is used for people who have a lot to say about prepping but can show very little actual evidence that they leave their keyboards long enough to actually get any prepping done. 

Inclusive Prepping™ – We encourage EVERYBODY, no matter what race, sex, religion, political viewpoint (or WHATEVER we could list) to be a part of the tribe of preppers… because every person that is prepped is one less problem for all of us. That’s why we coined the phrase Inclusive Prepping™. 

Social Rent – As explained in This Article (Click Here) (soon), Social Rent is a term we use to explain why 3BY even exists, why we are so passionate about sharing our thoughts and ideas on prepping. 3BY is a free site with no advertising, we don’t do this to make money, we do it to pay our Social Rent. 

The Boys – Any non-human family member, generally consisting but not limited to critters with four legs and fur. 

The People’s Republic Of _______________ – Although we carefully avoid political discussions, one thing we all struggle with here is with government oppression of our inalienable rights. As a staff, we have decided to make one exception to our “no political agenda” rule and that is to oppose government limited freedom in general. That’s why states with oppressive laws against freedom such as Illinois & New Jersey sometimes get referred to as “The People’s Republic Of” around here. We’ve never really talked about California around here (as of this writing), but it kinda resembles one as well. It’s a quirk, deal with it. Nobody’s perfect 🙂