PrepBusters: The Blue Helmets Are Not Going To Invade The US (Nor Will Anybody Else)

If you have read any  prepper fiction, there’s a really good chance that sooner or later the “Blue Helmets” will show up as the bad guys in at least some of them.

Perhaps the most well-known of all modern prepper books, “Patriots” by James Wesley, Rawles (his punctuation, not mine) and all of it’s siblings in the series have the Blue Helmet boogeymen driving around in their blue-flagged jeeps doing all sorts of blue-sponsored mayhem to the innocent populations of the US.

When I read it, I actually laughed out loud a the thought of some squad of guys from Sweden shooting up Idaho.

Why did I come to Idaho from Norway in my little blue helmet?

Yeah, not happening.

Personally, I blame the movie Red Dawn for the start of this brand of strangeness… A movie where Cubans invade the USA via a massive air drop, and the shockingly attractive brave American kids fight the evil invaders via guerrilla actions in the woods. 

It was a good popcorn muncher, and even I have to admit that Patriots is a good page-turner that actually has some useful prepping info in it. 

If this was all there was to it, I would never mention it again.

It’s not, though, because as I look around the “online prepper” world, I see a LOT of people consider this an actual “serious” threat, and they are wasting time and resources prepping for it.

Honestly, I feel a little silly even talking about this as if it were a realistic thing. I’m doing so as an example of how we need to focus, as preppers, on realistic threats like earth and space weather, natural disasters, domestic disturbances, pandemics, etc. and put “Red Dawn” type stuff to rest.

I’m a historian by avocation and I have studied in detail all of the major invasions that have happened over the last 200 years. Most of them were unsuccessful in the end, and none of them faced even a small fraction of the difficulties it would take to invade the United States. 

The invasion most Americans are probably most familiar with is the one that kicked off in Normandy on D-Day in 1944, where the US & UK & Commonwealth invaded France by sea. 

Portsmouth, England (the heart of where the invasion fleet left) to Omaha Beach in Normandy is almost exactly 100 miles. A fleet of ships and invasion force 3 years in the making crossed that 100 miles and barely beat out a foothold.

The East coast of the USA is 3,150 miles from the tip of the farthest part of France. San Diego is 6,500 miles from China.

Not happening. 

So what about by air? 

Well, setting aside the fact that the USA has the world’s strongest air defense, and putting aside the fact that massive formations of planes flying 3,500 miles or 6,200 miles would “probably be noticed”, there’s not enough airlift capacity in the entire world (even if you include ours) to make a significant dent in the amount of troops an invasion would need. 

Here’s a hint: An Airbus 360 stands ZERO chance of surviving in a hostile air situation. None. 

SO… that leaves Mexico and Canada and the ground route? Do I even have to go there? 

Let’s go ahead and bottom line this here. There are many, many things that preppers should be aware of and preparing for, but invasion by conventional forces is one you can cross off the list. 

Now, rogue nations doing nukes? US governmental breakdowns? EMP’s? Solar Storms? Pandemic? Those are unfortunately all too realistic. 



  1. I agree that an invasion, as a first event, is very unlikely, and very likely to fail if it happened. However, an invasion as an ensuing event after rogue nations doing nukes, US governmental breakdowns, EMP’s, Solar Storms, Pandemic, or (IMHO) a more likely cyber attack, is not entirely out of the question. Especially if the first event was instigated by an antagonist that had prepared an invasion force in advance. Blue helmets seem unlikely, since three people can’t agree on whats for lunch, but an invasion could happen, given the right circumstances. Its probably not worth preparing for, at least not specifically, since preparing for more likely scenarios will also prepare you for an invasion.

  2. A more likely scenario is conquest from within. Lots of historical examples of regime change from within. Coerce the clueless into voting the hostile power into control and they win w/o boots.

    Blue helmets, if they show up at all, would be a signal of a situation that had gone horribly wrong already: not a cause. If “Peace keepers” were flown in to “protect” Chicago government buildings (or DC, or NYC, etc.) — it would only be because things had gone to hell well before that.

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