Guns & Ammo: If You Don’t Stock Up Now, You WILL Regret It

I was walking around in a big-box retailer last weekend in the sporting goods section, and I saw something I hadn’t seen in a long time… the .22LR shelves stocked to overflowing, and the prices back down to “normal”.

I had my choice of all of the national ammo brands they “normally” carry at the $20 a brick price range. 

Since my Ruger SR-22 loves to eat Remington Thunderbolts, and I had shot myself mostly out of them during the 3-year-long .22LR shortage, I picked up 4 bricks. 

No big deal. 

A couple of days ago, I stopped by my favorite local gun shop (LGS), and found it fully stocked with a ton of black rifles (AR-15’s) in prices ranging from well under $500 new on up to… well… pretty expensive. 

They had a whole wall full of 30-round magazines from the various major manufacturers, and were completely stocked with ammo as well.

Why do I bring this up?

Because NOW is the time to buy guns and ammo.

As preppers, we need to never forget that one nutjob idiot who does something spectacularly stupid and evil could be all that it takes to bring out the gun grabbers out again in full on insane-mode.

After that evil idiot in Las Vegas shot into the concert crowd, there was a huge outcry to ban “bump stocks”. The federal government hasn’t done anything to this point, which is leading to specific states working on bans. We obviously won’t go into the political aspects of this here, but many state and local areas are considering legislation on it. 

A personal note from Salty about bump stocks: I’ve never owned one, never shot one, and I have absolutely zero desire to ever own or shoot one. That doesn’t mean I support banning them, however.

Do you need one? I don’t. That doesn’t mean I want them banned, though.

Right now, guns are out there, and are at “normal” prices. If you have been thinking about buying something, don’t wait around, buy the dad-gum thing right now. Pull the trigger, ESPECIALLY if whatever it is you want is semi-auto and has a potential magazine capacity larger than 10.

I’m personally set, where I need to be so I am just chilling out and shopping only for bargains. If I were, however, needing to make a big purchase I would pull the trigger, right here, right now.

The time to make hay is when the sun shines, because there is no panic NOW… but it’s coming one of these days.

NOTE: 3BY’s one published exception to discussions on political matters is that we are 100 percent Pro-Second Amendment.



  1. The hardest thing is coming up with room to store the ammo. I have on the short list 5 more firearms – hunting bolt rifle in 308, AR pistol, two revolvers and a Remington Tac14 hardwood. I refuse to turn the living space into looking like a storeroom again. Did that once before and it was just miserable living. I’ve fired bumpstocks on both AR and AK series rifles and they are “eh”, I did however fire one attached to a semi auto RPK style rifle and can easily see it’s use as a survivalist/prepper support firearm that’s overlooking the front or rear gate or avenue of approach of the retreat property. Numerous studies have shown aimed semi-auto fire is far more effective in both target neutralization and suppressive fire role, F/A is fun but still has a very limited role that the average survivalist/prepper just wouldn’t need. Mainly because we don’t have a endless supply of ammo.

  2. Thank you for the recommendation, Salty. I took advantage of a screaming good deal recently.

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