PrepperEats: Salmon Patties Are Easy, Tasty & Good Nutrition From Storage Foods

Wouldn’t it be great, during a time of stress and upheaval, to be able to quickly prepare a welcome and familiar food from your preps? This is one way.  

PrepperEats is a series designed to spark ideas on how to make real meals from our stores of food. The recipes require only foods commonly found in prepper larders and minimal other resources.  I hope readers will add their own ideas in the comments.

Today’s salmon patties used canned salmon, dehydrated egg powder, and bread crumbs as the necessary ingredients.  A package of MRE crackers, stomped on before opening, or any other pulverized wheat product would do for the bread crumbs.  Seasonings of your choice are a nice addition: I added an herb mix (not cheating as I keep an herb garden) and some mustard (we keep extra bottles of condiments and use them in rotation).  The prep required a bit of fat, so I used some of the canned butter that we reviewed here.     A bowl to mix in, a frying pan and turner, and some heat were all that were required.

The necessary ingredients.

Prep was quick and easy.  Mixed egg powder and water to make the equivalent of two small eggs, added two cans of drained salmon, seasoned, and added enough bread crumbs to be able to form patties.  Heated the butter in the skillet, cooked the patties about two minutes per side, and done.

The finished product. The recipe given here yielded three of these patties, each the size of a generous burger.

You’d want some side dishes, so this is a good place to use some of the bulk foods such as potatoes or rice; and maybe some dried fruit for dessert.

Upsides:  Food good enough you (ok, *I* at least; this was a lunch idea before it became a post idea) would eat it without the crisis.  Fast and easy.  Very high in protein and omega-3 fats — don’t expect your heart and brain to give up liking those omega-3s just because there’s some drama going on. Not a bunch of additives or even salt, should you be concerned with such things.

Downsides: um….um…. Well, canned salmon is a kind of expensive prep, unless you use some of it from time to time anyway and keep extra cans as part of your rotating stock.  That’s about all I’ve got for this one.  Lunch was good.



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