PrepBusters: Emergency Food Kits – Do they really have what you need?

It’s like Myth-Busters, for preppers: In this PrepBuster series, we shine some light on some of the murkier corners of prepper information; topics where it can be hard to get a clear answer. This episode is about the nutritional information… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: When and How to Close Wounds

From the Hope You Never Need It department:  Someone you care about has been injured.  You’ve gotten the bleeding stopped (using direct pressure instead of a tourniquet, naturally) and cleaned the wound up, perhaps using some of the debridement talked… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Is Superglue Super for Wound Care?

I have a friend who is not the most wise, and not the most graceful. He is brave though!  Combining those traits, he’s taken to supergluing himself back together rather than going in to the emergency room every other week. … Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Salmon Patties Are Easy, Tasty & Good Nutrition From Storage Foods

Wouldn’t it be great, during a time of stress and upheaval, to be able to quickly prepare a welcome and familiar food from your preps? This is one way.   PrepperEats is a series designed to spark ideas on how to… Continue Reading


OPSEC: Strategies For Dealing With Operational Security

Don’t you just love all the neat terms and acronyms the prepper community uses?  “Operational Security” OPSEC is borrowed from the military.  Personally, I prefer “Loose Lips Sink Ships” but LLSS doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, so I guess… Continue Reading


A Model Survivalist Community? Nature Shows Us How

Chirp.   Chirp. Chirp.   It’s regular as a metronome as you cycle or walk the roads of rural Missouri.  The red-winged blackbirds sit on the telephone lines.  One’s always watching you, and that regular “Chirp.” is his announcement that… Continue Reading


‘This The Season… For People’s To Burn Their Houses Down Accidentally

I would have been 13 years old when I saw it happening, a fire raging in our neighbor’s house across the street.    It was a bitterly cold but clear Christmas morning, about 10:00, when we heard sirens wailing and… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: How to Not Be a Casualty in the Next Great Flu Epidemic

 As we were tending the flowers at the memorial of the WWI soldier, I read his mother’s heart-breaking inscription.  Died in Nov, 1917, of pneumonia, in Ft. Riley, KS.  43 days a soldier.  I realized I was tending the memorial… Continue Reading


PrepperPsych 101: Are We Prepping For The Wrong Risks?

Humans are naturally terrible at risk assessment.   The situations in which our native intuitions developed are not the situations in which we now live; so our intuition no longer serves us very well.  We have two very strong and… Continue Reading


Preppers, Are You Ready.gov For A Disaster?

The US Government has a long history of responding to natural and man-made disasters, with varying degrees of success.  We are going to examine the history of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in a future article, today let’s take… Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107: Examining Economic Collapse

One of the themes that constantly comes up on prepper forums is the likelihood of “Economic Collapse”.  This seems to be viewed as almost inevitable by many preppers, due to the handling of the US economy by the government, or… Continue Reading


PrepperEats: Chicken noodle casserole

Food preps tend to come in very shelf-stable but not terrible eater-friendly packaging:  5 gal buckets of staples, gallon tins of dehydrated this or that, powdered soups and similar delicacies.  It’s great to have; but we need to think about… Continue Reading


When The SHTF, Work As A Team First, Questions Can Wait Until Later

In an emergency situation, teams that are coherent and on the same page have a much higher chance of surviving than both teams that act like a “debating society” and lone wolves.  There is a time for disagreement and debate,… Continue Reading


Mom & Pop Stores That Cater To “Traditional Lifestyles” Can Be Prepper Goldmines

They are not on the beaten path… often, they are tucked away in small towns and back streets away from the main business districts… the Mom & Pop type stores that cater to people who live a more “traditional lifestyle”.… Continue Reading