3BY Antibiotics & Vitamins Article Featured On Prepper Website Podcast

Another of our articles has been featured on the excellent Prepper Website Podcast.

Spice’s PrepperMed: Antibiotics and Vitamins: Both Good, but Not Always Together is the second article featured on Episode 200 of the Prepper Website Podcast

EP. 200 – Fire Response Plan, Antibiotics and Vitamins

This time, it’s kind of a “full circle” situation, as the article was inspired by a previous host Todd Sepulveda’s story he told about bad interactions between vitamins and antibiotics while reading a previous article on 3BY.

Don’t worry, just click on the link above and listen to the podcast, it will all make sense. 

About the Prepper Website Podcast (taken from the PPW website):

The Prepper Website Podcast is a weekday podcast that provides listeners with the best of the most recently released content from the Prepper Community.  Most of the articles are posted on Prepper Website.

With the advances in smartphone technology and APPS like Audible and other Podcast Catchers, more and more people are plugging in and listening to digital content.

Although there are many great preparedness podcasts for the community to listen to, there isn’t a source that will provide an audible version of the great content that preparedness bloggers are contributing.  The Prepper Website Podcast is a podcast for preppers who want another solution while they are on the go.

Each podcast consists of 2-5 articles read by the host, Todd Sepulveda, the editor of Prepper Website.

You can listen to the podcast on this website, as well as download it to your favorite podcast podcatcher.



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