PrepperMed 101: What To Do When The Frost Bites

Sorry, folks.  It’s that time of year when thoughts turn to the soft peace of falling snow, the beautiful glitter of the sun emerging after an ice-storm … and frostbite.  What to do if something bad goes down on some… Continue Reading


PrepperNomics 107:  Examining Precious Metals For If The SHTF Or If It Doesn’t

PrepperNomics 107:  Precious Metals The subject of precious metals comes up often in prepper circles, either because of lack of confidence in the current monetary system, or because of a belief that precious metals will reassert themselves as mediums of… Continue Reading


3BY Antibiotics & Vitamins Article Featured On Prepper Website Podcast

Another of our articles has been featured on the excellent Prepper Website Podcast. Spice’s PrepperMed: Antibiotics and Vitamins: Both Good, but Not Always Together is the second article featured on Episode 200 of the Prepper Website Podcast.  EP. 200 –… Continue Reading


Product Review: Red Feather Canned Butter

As I was checking out the latest prepper stories on Prepper Website (CLICKY) I came across an ad link for Red Feather Canned Butter.  I’ve been thinking about trying some canned butter for a while, so I went ahead, gave… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Injuries While On the Move

Something bad has gone down, and you’ve grabbed your bag and set off on foot, according to the plan. Then the foot lands in a way that was not in the plan, there’s pain, and it’s clear something in that… Continue Reading


Review: Backpacker’s Pantry Chana Masala

Backpacker’s Pantry makes a line of dehydrated foods packed into foil pouches.  You add boiling water to the pouch, stir, seal it up for 15-20 min, and it’s ready to eat.  These are good for emergency bag food (light and… Continue Reading


Prepper Fitness: If The SHTF, You Will Perform Like You Physically Prepared

Something’s gone south, and it’s time to grab that car bag and hoof it for home. You did a good job of setting up the bag, and it’s there when you need it.  Nice!  Now, can you actually walk home… Continue Reading


PrepperMed: Four Questions About Vitamins

Should vitamin supplements be a part of food preps?  If so, of what kind, and how much?  These are the questions I’ve been considering; and I thought it might be of value to you to share some of the research… Continue Reading


Survival Lessons Learned From The Pilgrims & The Mayflower

As we in America celebrate Thanksgiving, most of the symbolism & foods are intended to represent the “First Thanksgiving” feast by the Puritans (now called the Pilgrims), survivors of the Mayflower & Plymouth Colony. As is true with most things,… Continue Reading


Paranoid Prepper: Viewing prepping as a hobby? Whatever works to get it done!

Prepping as a Hobby Disasters are not everyday events.  We need to keep a bit of perspective if we want to live normal lives, while getting ready for whatever Murphy throws at us.  We need a method to keep improving… Continue Reading


PrepperMed: Antibiotics and Vitamins – When They Make a Good Team

Antibiotics have saved more lives than anything medical advance except good hygiene. They’ve also killed people or been totally worthless when used incorrectly.  If you’re planning to do your own dosing if other medical care becomes available, you’d best know how.… Continue Reading


Safety First – The Importance Of Avoiding Injuries If The SHTF

Safety. When times are normal or if the Stuff Hits The Fan, it’s critical to put safety first. We always start any safety discussion by pointing out what we consider the obvious. The most likely non-natural thing that will kill… Continue Reading


PrepperMed 101: Antibiotics and Vitamins: Both Good, but Not Always Together

A couple of days ago, we listened to Todd Sepulveda’s Prepper Website Podcast Episode 190 (CLICKY) which featured Spice’s article Situations Change. Sometimes The SHTF. Life Changes. Medication Changes. But How? A Prepping Example. (CLICKY) We always enjoy listening to the podcast,… Continue Reading


PrepperPsych 101: Overcoming the One Big Flaw in Having a Strong Leader

Being a Lone Wolf prepper is an extra risky business.  Practically, you can only really attend to one thing at a time, and no things for about a third of each day.  Sleep must happen. You also have trouble with… Continue Reading


Six Prepping & Survival Items That Somebody Could Sell A Bunch Of If They Manufactured Them

Preppers are, by and large, a creative and industrious lot. There are many people among the ranks of the prepping community that are amazing at pulling off all kinds of do-it-yourself projects, who invent high quality devices and solutions for… Continue Reading