We can do better than Columbus Day – Why not honor something worth of being honored?

I gotta be honest, Columbus Day is stupid.

Columbus never set foot on a single spit of land that is a US state.

He wasn’t the first European on US soil any way you count it, and in fact in his lifetime he never knew that the Caribbean islands were new land, he thought they were India.

First Europeans in America were 400+ years years before Columbus. Celebrating Christopher Columbus in America, in fact, shows a complete lack of understanding of American history.

The first major exploration from mainland Europe to actually set foot on US soil was lead by Juan Ponce de Leon, so if anybody should have a day it should be him… but he was even more of an asshat than Columbus was, so… there’s that.

Me? I see no sense whatever in having Columbus day.

Why not honor something worthy of it, like picking a time of year that could use a 3 day weekend and celebrating Family Day, were we honor our families (both living and our ancestors)?

Better that than some non-American jerk (and make no mistake about it, Columbus was a grade-A jerk) who never actually set foot on America.



  1. I’m not so sure those early explorers were the reprehensible characters that we think of them today. It was a much different time, it was a more brutal, life was short and less respected than today. Killing non-Christian heathens was God’s Work.

    Five hundred years from today, how will our enlightened societies be perceived?

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