My Prepping No-No: I’ve Made The Same Mistake Over & Over, Don’t You Make It Too!

I”ve made many prepping mistakes over the years, and hopefully I have learned from at least most of them There’s one that I have made over and over, and yet I have to struggle every day not to make it yet again.

That mistake? Over Focusing on one aspect of prepping, to the detriment of all others.

For me? I overfocus on guns & ammunition. Do you over-focus on some part of your prepping? Are you concentrating too much on guns? Long term storage food? Bug out bags? Bug out vehicles? WIlderness survival skills? Turning your home into a medieval fortress?

As I’m sure it’s obvious by browsing here at 3BY that guns & firearms are well represented in my world. My answer to stress, if I don’t watch myself like a hawk, is to buy another gun or more ammunition. The truth? I don’t NEED more guns, I don’t NEED more ammunition.

I DO need to work on my other preps though,

Here’s a podcast Spice & I made on the subject:

I love guns. I love buying them and shooting new/different guns… 

This has, regrettably, caused me time-and-again to spend far too much of our resources on guns, and some times far too little on everything else. Face it, if you could buy a new S&W wheel gun, or use that same money to buy a Country Living Grain Mill, which would you do?

Obviously, the wise choice between those two options (if one already owns plenty of hand guns) would be to buy the grain mill. Me? Well… I might have to hang my head in shame if I told you what I originally did. To be fair, we do have 3 grain mills, just not one as nice as the Country Living one… yet, it’s on the list. 

Spice is the most supportive spouse in the world (and, frankly, a lot of our guns are HER guns), but we had a family conference about this last year and “cut a deal”. New gun comes in, old gun gets sold. The limit on gun safes is firmly set at 10. Ammunition is the same, we have enough. Replace what we shoot, and that’s it. 

On the bright side, I see these guns as transitional, tangible property of value. A S&W wheel gun, if bought right (used, mint condition) has tangible value and no matter what the money system is, it will remain a valuable item to own. In a sense, it’s like a savings plan.

Or so I delude myself.

That’s fine, that’s good, but when that S&W is purchased instead of an actual prepping need? That’s bad. It’s a mistake.

Don’t make my mistake.

Pro Tip: Make a physical inventory of your preps, and compare across categories. That will help it become obvious if you are over concentrating in one area. 

Spice’s Pro Tip: On a related note, don’t avoid your weaknesses just because you don’t like thinking about them.  Salty helped me out on this one and bought the ‘Where There Is No Dentist book, so we at least have a resource. Although I’m the natural choice for all things medical in this household, I dread the thought of having to do anything dental and had been avoiding the topic.



  1. Nice podcast, though Salty’s audio seemed fainter and thinner. Different microphone? Interesting tidbit about the soldier in the field.

    Good point about over-focus on just one aspect of prepping. It is too easy to go to what’s familiar (and maybe more fun) and tend to avoid things that are borning, or at least, less fun.

    For me, it was gardening. Not fun. But I realized that no matter how many bags of beans I had stashed in buckets, they would eventually run out. I needed to be able to grow new food as the longer-term solution.

    So, I’ve been learning to grow my own beans (and corn, and squash, etc.) The current garden is nowhere big enough to provide a year’s worth of food, but it IS my training ground. If things go bad for the long-term, I can expand the growing area. The same skills still apply.

    But, just for the record, I still don’t “like” gardening all that much. Trouble is, I DO like eating, so I have to garden.

    — Mic

    • Hopefully the next one will sound better, it must have been a mic placement problem, we wear headsets so I must have had it in a bad spot. Thanks so much for listening and reading. Mic. BTW I am going to be checking out your books when I finish my current series, they sound right down the pipe of my interests!

    • I hear ya Mic, I don’t love gardening myself. It’s ok, but there are things I’d rather be doing. But I love the quality of the food…. and I gotta admit, there is a sense of accomplishment to feeding yourself.

  2. I can’t say that I have that problem, but I do feel like the medical area of my preps is the least supplied. I started with food, then decided the grandchildren would need new clothes and shoes every year for at least 5 years and started alternating between food and clothing. Clothing is something I buy at end of season sales and not just for the grandchildren but for everyone in the family plus extra people we take in and for barter. I asked for specific “how to” books for Christmas, birthday, and Mother’s Day gifts for a couple of years and have that area finished. Then had a talk with my children on the different guns they had and we calculated how many rounds of each cartridge and shotgun shell we would need for a 5 to 10 year period. I started a rotation in my buying of food, ammo, other supplies, medicines, and clothing. Under other supplies are things like candles, lamp oil, matches, wood stoves, grain mill, corn sheller, clothes wringer, seeds and gardening supplies, etc. If it’s the end of a clothing season, I switch clothing with something else because I have to buy right then. I dont have a surgical kit yet but I have a dental kit. I have some antibotics but not enough. I am going to insert medical implements and medications into my rotation twice until I feel more secure. The rotation schedule, which coincides with my Social Security check, helps me stay on track. Pretty soon, I can stop the clothing purchases and the rotation loop can close some, which is good, because the OTHER supplies category is getting very expensive (solar, extra underground propane tank, fuel tanks, an extra water well near the garden).

  3. I’d have to say my “got too much” category is books, I have more books than I have read at this point. Its a terrible addiction, and of course even though I have a kindle I use when I’m out on trips or sitting in a waiting room, I “have” to have the hard cover… which of course is now making my place look like an episode of hoarders, or the bookstore from Neverending Story…

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