3BY Statement About Vegas Shooting

Our hearts go out to the victims of the recent evil assault on innocent concertgoers in Las Vegas, as well to any innocent victim of past shootings.

We are a community that recognizes that recognizes the importance of civilian ownership of guns, but we absolutely positively deplore any illegal use of those guns. Civilian firearms are to be used defensibly, not offensively.

We deplore gun violence.

We also deplore the use of tragic acts of madmen by politicians to push an agenda, which is bound to start happening any minute now. 

Please remember the innocent victims of violence in your thoughts and prayers.

However that violence occurs, be it with guns, gas attacks as in Tokyo, vehicles run into crowds or jetliners flown into buildings, there’s evil in this world, and we stand opposed.

Be of stout heart, and if you can afford it reach out to help the families of those affected financially. Spice and I will, please join us through your charity of choice. If that proves hard to find, please reach out through a charity that helps support the victims of violence whether through your church or through a good, well rated non-profit organization.





  1. We did pray last night for the families of the victims and those injured.

    As you say, there is evil in the world, so bad things will happen. (That’s a longer topic for other times). Sadly, this will probably be another event in which the tragedy of the victims will get swamped beneath a flood of political opportunism.

    Ambulance-chasing has a bigger (badder) brother: Tragedy-chasing. Pray for the nation as well.

    — Mic

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